Worried sick

Help!! I had colposcopy and keep procedure around five months ago, I've had three periods since and the latest one was very painful! Since my period ended I've bled after sex a little bit and had a brown discharge on the odd day. I have lower back pain and period type pain for a few days now and I'm worried that some how abnormal cells have come back and turned into cancer? Is this even possible so soon. I have anxiety disorder so I'm literally frantic about it all. Mum of four. And 25 years old. 

Hi Hun, 

I can't give you much advice as I’ve not experienced the symptoms you've described but I didn't want to read and leave as you're obviously quite worried. 

I'd definitely say give your GP a call and discuss it. Try and think positive until you know what's causing your symptoms (I know that’s easier said than done as I’m currently waiting on some results)

Let us know how you get on xx


1st smear - 17th April 

Abnormal results - 29th April 

Colposcopy and LLETZ treatment - 20th May


Awaiting results 

Thanks for replying, I've seen the doctor and he's referring me back to the colposcopy clinic to get checked out. Hopefully it won't take too long. X

Hi Natbag,
Im in a similar situation to you I had Lletz just over 2 months ago my last period was really painful and I’m have lower back pain and period like pains along with shooting pains down below. I’m really worried about it. Let me know how you get on at the colposcopy clinic. When will you get your appointment? xx

Hi Simone

I hope it goes through quick i will post on here when I've had my appointment x