Cervical pain and bleeding

Hello all

i am currently worrying myself silly. For the last month (maybe more) I have been experiencing pelvic pain, almost like period cramps. I have not had a period for over 2 years due to being on the mini pill but at the start of the month I started bleeding. I thought this meant a breakthrough bleed and nothing more. 

Since then, I bled after intercourse quite a lot. I went to the doctors who took bloods, then last week they examined me and I had a smear test. This is unusual as I am only 22, they have also referred me for an ultrasound. At the examination the GP said I have cervical erosion, but that does not explain the pain.

Yesterday I bled a lot again after intercourse, and today the pain is very harsh in my pelvic area. 

I am just worried about the continuous pelvic pain that is sometimes dull and sometimes harsh. 

I hope this is okay to post as I feel quite alone in this situation as no one else my age has experienced any problems with their pelvis/cervix. 

Any help or advice would be really appreciated x

Forgot to add I’m waiting for smear results, test was 7 days ago. 

Hi hun,

I'm 24 and have been ongoing bleeding & unusual pain for a number of years. My GP would not refer me and on the off chance I saw a locum GP one day who sent me for urgent referal to colposcopy and for a scan. 

I went for the colposcopy and they took a couple of biopsies and sent my results away, my scan was all clear. My results did come back as CIN2, this was back in May, they suggested I wait 6 months to see if there were any changes as in young women it can repair itself however I went back in November and I was still the same so they suggested the LLETZ treatment which I had done on Monday.

I am now waiting for the results of that but please don't panic, it is likely if you do have any abnormal cells you are in the very early stages and all can be sorted! I will also say the LLETZ treatment is no where near as bad as I thought so if it gets to that point then please don't worry yourself and you never know all may well be fine!

Best of luck xx

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and sorry to hear you’ve had a long process of getting some help! 

I’m still waiting for my smear results and scan referral letter so I’m thinking no news is good news. Can I ask what CIN2 means? And what a LLETZ treatment is? Sorry I’m completely new to this subject and haven’t done much research to avoid freaking myself out! 

I’m still experiencing pelvic pain in the right hand side, it radiates between my pelvic area and leg and is becoming such a nuisance but nothing a few tablets doesn’t calm haha.

I hope your results all come back okay and I’ll be thinking of you! 

Thanks again for replying and sharing your experience 



I've been having random midcycle spotting and uterine discomfort too. I'm seeing a gynecologist in a couple of weeks. My last smear a year ago was fine but my symptoms are very troubling.

I hope you'll update us with your progress and that there's nothing wrong!

Did you eved figoure out what it was and what do you mean by pelvic pain?