Confused re colposcopy and results

Hi everyone, I’m new to this group so I’m sorry if I’m repeating somebody else or posting in the wrong place.

I had my first smear in June 2014 and had abnormal cells

I had a colposcopy in June and had a biopsy done too

I had hpv and CIN 1-2

I then fell pregnant in the July so had another colposcopy in October 2015 resulting me needing a LLETZ procedure to be done

I returned in March 2016 for another smear to be told I had now a normal smear but CIN 3

I’m due back in September 2016 but recently I’ve started getting severe lower back pain that wakes me up in the night, pain that feels like it’s inside near my cervix/womb and tingling in my left leg. I’ve today called the hospital and they can’t see my sooner. Are my symptoms anything to worry about or fairly normal?

Thank you

Hi there, its very hard not to worry when you have symptoms. I have and still do have severe back pain at night only,  unless i take an anti imflamatory perscribed by the doctor & occasionally i get shooting pains down my right leg that are quite painful im thinking thats probably sciatica.  But when i had abnormal smear & looked up Dr. Google was thinking, do i have symptoms of cc.  I had CIN 2  & my back pain etc was completely unrelated, just muscular problems due to, work, pregnacy and wear and tear. its very easy to get worked up i know !!!! Try not to worry, easier said than done i know ! Good luck xxx

Thank you. It's probably all unrelated and like you say wear and tear ha ha but I just can't help but think something. I feel like my body is telling mw something is wrong. I keep having dizzy spells too xx

Until you have your ressults in black and white you wont settle, i was the same. If your worried or anxious then this could be causing your dizzy spells. I didnt eat for two weeks, i felt dreadul. Xx

The waiting is the hard part isn't it, the procedures are ok xxx

I've been waiting 2weeks on Friday post colposcopy and biopsies and Its killing me. The waiting is the hardest bit and every slight twinge I get or niggle I am worrying. just want answers and it Sorted :(