Pain after biopsy - worried

For the past 5 or so years I have been having yearly smear tests and have lost count of the amount of colposcopy appts I’ve had. They’ve always come back as cin1.
After having mild changes reported after my recent smear I had colposcopy today with another biopsy. The nurse was lovely but said she could see moderate changes. Now I’ve had biopsies before but this is the first time it’s hurt as much as this, I’m in agony :frowning: I’m now really worried because I’ve been having abnormal smears for years and they now say it looks like moderate changes and her opinion was it was cin2.
I guess I have a few questions, should I be concerned I’m in more pain than normal with this biopsy and would the nurse know from what she saw today if it was worse than cin2? What’s the chances of it coming back as cin3 or cancer? I’ve also been seeing the gp recently about bad mid cycle cramping (like severe period pains) but they said it’s probably just ovulation.
Think I’m just looking for any reassurance. It’s crazy because I’ve been plenty of times before, but this is the first time I’ve felt really concerned and panicked. Any thoughts here would be great - thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, I have had 2 previous procedures, and recently another biopsy. I found it ouchy!!! And did have cramping and spotting for a few days afterward. Maybe this time you were just more tense? The pain afterward could also be related to where you are in your cycle  guess? I know I'm a lot more sensitive around my period! Haha! I can't give much medical advice! But I feel your worry and pain... Have been driving myself insane with worry. Turns out my biopsy has come back CIN 1,  this is a good thing, but still have to wait until at have discussed at A meeting  confirm if I will need treatment, based on my history. It is such An awful time waiting, you are so not alone and this forum is amazingly supportive. As a fellow regular to the colposcopy clinic! You have my full sympathy and it's so very likely that all is well. Be kind to yourself and keep busy! X

Sorry loadsa typo errors in that! grrr!

Thanks wolfsnow :) knowing you're not alone is really reassuring. Xx

so this will be too much info post i apologise for gross out…

i had my colp yesterday and i did bleed before and after biopsy…she applied a yellowish thick substance she said to help with the bleeding i assume its iodine tincture.

now my discharge today is browinsh yellow stringy amost like bits of rolled up tissue.

??? should i be worried