Abnormal results and pain

So anxious - awaiting colposcopy and lletz and endometriosis biopsy - got high grade abnormal cells and hpv positive with shocking hip - stomach and back pain. Had a transvaginal scan didn’t show anything but now testing for uterine cancer - so stressed and pain really bad - could they have missed something - lletz and biopsy under ga 4th oct so anxious can’t sleep !!!

Hi I also had severe cell change and really bad hip pain. I had a colcoscopy 10days ago and awaiting results and I’ve never been so scared or emotional so completely understand.

It may be worth talking to your gp about anxiety and getting something to help you sleep as tiredness on top of the stress is so hard it takes over everything.

Google is no help but this forum is full of lots of really positive and honest experiences. Use the search bar to look at particular things you’re worried about to see how others have experienced it, I found that really helpful.

I’m trying to keep busy which is in turn helping my sleep but not always, I really hope you can find some peace and able to get decent rest xx

Ty I will try it’s the constant pain I’m struggling with having to take a hot bath every few hours for relief !!!
Hope all goes well with you x

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I have been ok with ibuprofen paracetamol and moving around it’s when I’m in one position that they sieze up and sned sharp pains. If your pain is constant definitely speak to gp xx