Infection before Lletz

Firstly, thank you to the ladies who have responded to my previous posts. 

After my punch biopsies, I caught an infection. The infection is still present and am still bleeding on and off, this has been going on for about four weeks now. Am booked in to have my lletz this Friday, however, am concerned they won't perform it if an infection is present? Does anyone else have any similar stories, or any idea of what the best thing to do is? 

Have already rebooked my Lletz as had a holiday booked, so really don't want to reschedule it again. 

Thank you in advance for any replies xx

Hello there!

I'm so sorry that you caught an infection after your biopsies. I'm in exactly the same boat; I've had a lot of pain and intermittant bleeding ever since, though I'm not booked for further treatment. Have you seen your GP or the colposcopy nurse about this? You'll almost certainly need antibiotics, especially if it's pelvic inflammatory disease. I wrote a big post about my experience here:, which has some info you may find useful. To my mind, they might be wary of exposing more of your system to the infection, which could end up causing permanent damage if left untreated. I'd give your nurse a call and talk to her if, or see the GP if she's hard to catch.

I hope that helps and get well soon! xx