Possible infection after lletz?


I had my first colposcopy & lletz on Thursday and today rang my GP as worried i have an infection.


The GP said to go tomorrow & she will take a swab, just wondering if they have to do a swab or if anyone just got anti biotics from their symptons?


I really dont want anymore prodding/poking down there!! 


Thanks x

Hi there, 

I didn't have a lletz, just a couple of punch biopsies, but I definitely ended up with an infection after the procedure. I went to my GP and they didn't do any examination bar feeling around my belly. Then I got diagnosed with a UTI and was given a course of antibiotics -- no swab required!

That said, I'm feeling a bit better but still not 100%, and just started bleeding again, so I'm wondering if I've actually had two infections at once. Will be heading back to the Dr this or next week to get swabbed, so perhaps it's for the best to get it out the way first time? 

I totally sympathise with not wanting to be prodded or poked anymore -- I put off the first GP appt for that reason! Not recommended, the infection hit me HARD after that!

Hope that helps and get well soon :) x

Hi Grace, I had a colposcopy & LLETZ (plus biopsies) done a few weeks ago, after a week the pain just wasn't settling down, plus I had a few other symptoms and knew I had an infection, I went to the doctor and told him everything, he asked if I wanted the nurse to take some swabs just to be certain, I said no as I was in terrible pain and to be honest I couldn't face yet another examination especially when I was bleeding so badly, he said he totally understood that and prescribed antibiotics. Tell them your symptoms and hopefully that should be enough for them to go on.  Hope you feel better soon

Thanks for the reply!

maybe your right i should just get it out the way with. I have a hospital appointment 1week Tomorrow to get my results so really dont want to still have the infection then!

I will see what the GP says tomorrow.

Sorry to hear your having a bad time, hope u get the infection all cleared up soon :)


Thanks for your reply, well at least i know they can prescribe something without taking swabs. 

i dont want to have to wait for the swab results would rather just get anti biotics tomorrow morning & start taking them.

Will just see what the GP says.

Thanks again x

Hi there!

Just thought I'd give you a heads up. I saw my GP on an emergency appt today and was diagnosed with PID due to infection of the biopsy site. I'm now on a two-week course of two different antibiotics and will hopefully kick this before it gets out of hand. There's more info in my own thread somewhere in the Colposcopy forum, but I just thought you might like to know that no examination was necessary, although I was asked to go to the bathrooms and do my own swab (presumably they figured that it would be more dignified and comfortable that way, since apparently patient-led swabs are just as effective).

Hope that helps and get well soon! x