Aftermath of LLETZ procedure

I was wondering if anyone could help me please, I had my LLETZ procedure 10 days ago and have had severe pain and bleeding for the last 2-3 days - I haven’t experienced anything like it and also believe I may now have a water infection…

I still haven’t had my results through (I’m hoping I will get them soon!); has anyone else had a similar experience to this?

Also, I was not informed what CIN level my cells were, how do I find this out please?

Thank you in advance x

Hi :)

It sounds as though you may have an infection from the LLETZ. I had infections after both of my LLETZ treatments and my GP prescribed me antibiotics which cleared the infections up quickly.

In relation to what CIN they found, I got a results letter after my biopsies which told me CIN3. It took 2 weeks for me to receive the results letter. I hope you get your results soon :)