Infection after lletz

I've used this site for 3 years, having not had a clear smear since 2010.  After 4 colposcopy's and 2 biopsies I found myself at yet another appointment after an abnormal smear.  
This time the smear suggested CIN2, so I trotted off to the clinic again, another biopsy, yes the third, showed CIN2. 
I had lletz treatment on 21st March under local, not the nicest procedure but I was grateful it would hopefully cure the issue.
I had little discharge or problems for a week, but then started bleeding, a little at first, but it continued and got heavier each day.
I foolishly thought it was part of the healing process, as I had no pain or discharge (sorry!)
I ended up at my GP's who didn't have a look but gave me anti-biotics.
Next day bleeding got worse, I started going through a pad every 60 then 30 mins. I ended up at A&E last Saturday night, and admitted on I/V anti-biotics and drip for fluids, as infection had spread up into my uterus.
The bleeding stopped that night so I fully expected to be sent home in the morning, but was ordered to lay in bed and not move as a clot had formed on my cervix, lovely!
The doctor put a dissolvable gauze over it to help too.
I was allowed to go home after another 24 hours, on tablets for anti-biotics and another one to stop bleeding.
A week on and I've started bleeding again... I'm so fed up, tired and emotional.  I've no idea if this bleeding is normal, as nothing has been straight forward.
Is it normal to bleed once the scab has fallen off as such, because I have seen gritty black bits and old blood the last few days, but now its back to bright red blood again.
Sorry to have gone on, and on....



I've had infections after colposcopy biopsies and LLETZ, including bleeding but not as bad as you've had. I'm so sorry, you poor thing, how awful! I'm not surprised you're tired and emotional after all you've been through. LLETZ is bad enough on its own, let alone everything else. Are you still bleeding? I guess bleeding could start if the scab has come off, it might be good idea to contact a doctor (or even try A&E with the it being the weekend).

Hope that you are ok x

Thanks twilight, bleeding did stop last night, suppose I did panic a little, but saw the blood and just thought not again! 
I am supposed to be going on holiday in 4 weeks and I'm praying its healed by then, as my son will not understand why I'm not in the pool.  
I'm hoping it continues to heal and there is no more bleeding, could do with some cheerful news!

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