lletz worries

Hi all,  

This is my first post....I have just come back from lletz procedure for CIN3 cells 2 days ago.  Have passed lots of clots and heavy bleeding....should I be worried???

Hi, I've never had this procedure but from what I hear it's quite normal. If it continues or if it smells unpleasant then y should probably seek medical advice. 

I only had a biopsy and I'm getting all sorts of brown bits coming out now (gross and tmi).

I'm really sorry you have to through this- it isn't nice. I hope you have a quick recovery. 

Hi Tarsha

Sounds like you and I are at exactly the same place.

I had really heavy bleeding after my biopsy this Wednesday (not LLETZ). But just from the biopsy I have bled heavily for exactly 48 hours.

I went back inside and asked the nurse, because within 20minutes while I was waiting for a cab home I soaked through the sanitary pad.

She assured me it is completely ok and some people are just 'bleedy'. I am scared it might indicate something is very wrong :(

The clumps are probably not clots, they will be the chemical scab they apply after a procedure which looks like lumps of mud. If it is genuine clots they will be mucusy shiny lumps of blood.

It is also normal to have grey/blue bits come out, which is silver nitrate.

The nurse told me to only worry if I bled heavily for more than a week (soak more than one pad an hour). My bleeding has slowed down today, 72 hours later, although I had just a biopsy not a LLETZ so a bit less invasive.

I hope that is reassuring, but if you're concerned call the colposcopy clinic and leave a message for your doctor. Or call NHS direct. They will reassure you, you have enough to worry about without adding to it xxx

Thankyou KayM.  I only lightly bled after my biopsy, no drama at all.  I was put under for the lletz, and they mentioned that they had to cut away more of the cervix than originally thought.  They also said that my cervix bled a little more than usual.  My bleeding has slowed down today, thankgoodness.   This is just a whole new experience for me that I never expected, just like everyone else here.  Thanks for your support x 

That's good to know, I'm having my LLETZ under GA in the next 2-6 weeks so I will be prepared to bleed more than some people! I have suspected CGIN also so I guess they will need to cut out quite a lot x