Looking for advice its been 9 days since i had lletz treatment, didnt bleed just light unpleasant discharge until today i started bleeding (spotting) in the last 2 hours my sanitary towel has been unable to contain the flow of heavy bleeding could this be a sign of infection and should i call nhs 24 or hold of and see my gp on monday? Sorry  for the graphic detail x


Smear test showed abnormal cells,

18.05.15 colposcopy and biopsy

17.06.15 results showed cin 2 treated with LLetz

Awaiting results

I can only offer you my personal opinion,  but I'd call nhs direct and see what they say.

Hope you're ok x

Thank you  for replying  so quickly i have taken your  advice and im waiting on a nurse calling me back , thanks again x 

Were they helpful? Are you ok? X

I was advised to go to the out of hours gp who said he wouldnt be able to examine me there and that i should go to my gp or back to where the lletz procedure was carried out and have them examime me. He did however give  me antibiotics and anti inflammatory in the mean time. He said he was basically treating me blindly until i can get checked out. Thankyou for thinking of me x

Glad you saw someone even if they couldn't really help! 

Was lletz done in day surgery or just gynae appointment? would be ideal if you didn't have to wait until monday x

Hi Natalie

Don't want to alarm you, but I think you should get yourself down to the hospital. I was just re-reading my LLETZ leaftlet yesterday and it says:

Bleeding can occur, typically 10 to 14 days after the procedure, but should not be excessive. Unless it is significantly heavier than a period, or you are changing pads every hour, there is no cause for concern.

Some ladies do heammorhage (probably spelt that wrong) after the procedure though, and need a bit of treatment at the hospital to stop the bleeding. Sounds like yours is heavy enough to be a 'cause for concern' so maybe safer to go to the hospital and make sure?



Just gynae the male nurse said i was welcome to go back up there during (office hours) to see a doctor if the bleeding didnt ease with the prescriptions i had been given it was just that he basically isnt qualified in that department and wouldnt be able to tell me anything other than what i had already told him. If i still feel worried i am going to go back especially if the bleeding  doesnt settle. 

No any advice is appreciated thankyou i thnk i will go back today and see the doctors who are able to examine me.

Hi Natalie, 

I had LLETZ on the 10th and started bleeding about 10 days after, so I think that's quite normal timing-wise. But moggsy is right about the amount being cause for concern or not. I've been using 4 pads a day just for hygiene reasons, but only really need two so yours does sound alarmingly heavy. Definitely go to the hospital, they can stem bleeding with silver nitrate. 

Emma X

Hi Natalie,

I had lletz on Monday, I didn't have any bleeding apart from just after the treatment, but have had a really foul smelling watery discharge and pelvic pain that has got worse over the past few days. I've had PID about a year ago or so, and the pain felt similar to that, so I went to A&E today, and they prescribed me antibiotics for the next two weeks. You know your own body, so if you can't wait for a doctor, I would suggest going to A&E over the weekend.

Hey yeah I'm the same bleeding was down to an infection it has stopped now since iv been taking my antibiotics and pain has eased a lot so feeling a lot better now hope you are as well, take care x

I'm sorry to ask but I'm so scared about this I have sin 3 I have a colopscopy in 2 days and I so scared I have had to wait 3weeks with in that time can it turn in to cancer or can pre cancer spread x