Incontinence after Smear Test


I hope you don’t find my problem trivial but it has caused me to worry.

I went for my first cervical smear test yesterday and I found it really uncomfortable. The nurse said I had a tilted cervix and it was truly awful throughout.

Today I was laughing quite a lot at my boyfriend when I suddenly felt like I was peeing, although nothing “came out” so to speak I could definitely feel it was on the way. I was mid conversation with my boyfriend I immediately sat on the toilet and peed. I was lucky I was standing so close to it.

I suppose I’m asking if anyone else had the same issue? Is it common? What can I do? Will it go away over time?

I have laughed much harder in the past and never had this problem so I am assuming it is due to the smear test.

Any advice would be great thanks!

Hi there,

Noticed you hadn't had any replies yet so just wanted to offer some support / reassurance.

As the cervix and the urethra aren't THAT close, I'd assume it was probably a coincidence. Unfortunately developing a tiny bit of stress incontinence does seem to be reasonably common as we age (I know I had the horrible discovery a few years ago that sneezing REALLY hard with a VERY full bladder as a bad thing!) although as it was your first smear I'm guessing you're quite young, so it's unlikely to be age related. There is also a psychological impact on the bladder - like when you feel the need to pee when anxious or worried. As your smear was highly uncomfortable for you, that could be the trigger as well.

I suppose it might be possible that the tissue around your cervix was a little irritated from the procedure, and that it temporarily affected other tissues in the same general area (I don't have enough medical knowledge to know), but as no one else has chimed in with the same results, I'm guessing it was more likely a coincidence / just nerves.

Hope it's resolved itself already. Take care.