Concerns following smear test

Hi everyone

I went for my regular 3 year smear yesterday - 29 y/old woman who hasn't had any issues on previous smears, and no symptoms beyond very mild cramping which can be attributed to my digestive system too on account of where it is.

The smear was a bit painful and quite uncomfortable for me, more than usual - I had to go and calm down for a bit afterwards.  There were also a few things that were mentioned during it which I'm worried about now:

1. The doctor had difficulty reaching my cervix at first, and said it's tilted - I had to stick my fists under my pelvis to tilt it so she could get a good angle.

2. She said there's some discharge in there - I haven't had any symptoms or noticed anything out of the ordinary, so this was a surprise to me.  She said if it's thrush the test will say so.

3. She said that my cervix bled immediately on contact (and I proceeded to have spotting for the rest of the day).  I'm on the mini pill (cerelle), and she said this can be normal, but she also still looked concerned as she said that.

These might be very normal questions with easy answers, and nothing to worry about... But can someone please talk me through the above?


Hi Purplem13,

I am sorry you are feeling anxious, it’s an awful time waiting for results.

Just wanted to comment to let you know that I bled during and after my last smear and my results came back completely normal :) 

With regards to the discharge, that’s surely completely normal too especially if your at a certain point in your cycle :)

re the concerned look, as a nurse she was most likely thinking how much she needed a wee or how hungry she was! 

I hope his makes you feel a little better xx