Worried about symptoms

Hi there! 


Im new to posting on this forum but I’ve been reading for a while now. I‘m 27 years old and have been having some symptoms for about 6 months, including bleeding after sex and excess mucus etc. My smear was due in March which came back as normal but with evidence of thrush. I have since been treated for thrush but am still having bleeding. 

I went back to my GP surgery today and ended up seeing a locum DR. She examined me and took some standard swabs to rule out infections etc. During the exam she noted that my cervix looked ‘a bit red’ and I might have a small cyst, which is apparently nothing to worry about. She also talked about a cervical ectropium and said this could explain the bleeding but as I didn’t bleed on the exam she wants to refer me to see a gynaecologist. I am assuming this is for a colposcopy but i’m unsure. I’ve since had a phone call from my actual GP who wants to wait for my swabs to come back before doing the referral! The exam was not painful but definitely uncomfortable and a little tender. 


I am so so worried that this is something sinister. Despite the Dr explaining other causes of the bleeding, my mind immediately jumped to cervical CA. My mum has recently had treatment for breast cancer so I think this is also playing on my mind. Im also terified of having a colposcopy because of how uncomfortable the swabs were.

Im not really sure what to expect now and I don’t even know what I‘m asking from this post. I guess I just needed to vent to people who would understand 


Thank you


Same .Boat :( only im 21