Painful smear and discharge

Hi, I feel a bit ridiculous writing this, but I'm just looking for a bit of reassurance. 

I'm 39, have had regular smears, they're always an it uncomfortable, I'm an assault survivor, so I think I tense up when I'm having them, but also, my cervix is 'high' apparently. 

I went today for my smear, and it was just awful. 

it took 30 minutes. 

the first nurse tried for 10 minutes, twisting and turning the plastic speculum, it was really painful. She stopped and took it out, and said 'There's too much discharge, I can't see'


so went to get another nurse, when she came, she looked at the kit, and asked for another one saying 'that's too bloody I can't use it' 


and she tried. For 10 minutes. I cried, and had to stop her. 

it took 5 mins for me to calm down, they were telling me to sit on my fists, sit on a pillow, tilt my pelvis up, then down, opening the speculum more and more. 

I silently cried, when eventually they both go 'ah there it is' and then a burning pain as she did the smear, and THEN they have this big discussion that felt forever, while I'm laid there with the speculum still wide in there 'shall we take swabs? Yeah let's do that' and then she had to go to another room to ge the swabs...and finally we're done.


theu both apologised for how long it took, even said 'you might want to lay there a bit, you'll probably be light headed after all that'


i eventually had to ask, 'was it the high cervix or the discharge? And are you worried about that becuase i DO get thrush, but I didn't think I had it now'


and they just looked at each other and said 'we don't know, you'll just have to call for the results in a week'


so now I'm really worried. 

should there have been that much bleeding? 

I struggled to walk home, I cried all the way. 

and this discharge? Should I be worried About that now? 


i sobbed in my husbands arms tonight. 

 I'm terrified that I'll get abnormal results and have to go through that all again!


I'm sorry your smear was so upsetting.  Hopefully the nurses got a good enough sample so you won't have to have a repeat smear in the near future.  If that turns out not to be the case you might want to consider other options. 

HPV self sampling might be a way forward for you, kits can be bought on-line: if you test negative then you won't need a smear but if you test postive then you will.  In the light of your recent experience you might want to  ask your GP if you can be referred to a colposcopy clinic to get your smear done; I know of a lady who does this and she said it was all OK - the colposcopy clinic has more equipment and the staff are gynae specialists.

There is some information on this website about HPV self sampling if you're interested - see link:

Take care


Hi, thank you for your reply, I didn't know that about the self test kits, I'll look into that, nor did I know I could request to go somewhere else for it! Thank you very much! I feel a bit more 'armed' for next time!

Hi Blackjack,


Sorry to hear you had such a traumatic experience.

Further to jazzas comment, I just wanted to add that I can absolutely empathise with the speculum leaving you really sore. My first colposcopy a speculum that was too large was used on me and I was there for a long time whilst they used it. Afterwards I felt like I'd given birth and was so sore. It was painful to walk. The second colposcopy I had the right size speculum and the experience was completely different. 


Next time you have to have one used, please ask them for a small speculum. 


Get lots of rest and take care of yourself. Xx


I had very painful smear and coz of blood she did not continue the test as there was blood on cervix she showed me if she will do the hospital will not consider it right and will ask to do again

She said the blood can be your early periods so come after 14 days or your periods

But it was my 6months follow up smear after LlETz and all abnormal cells cleared

But i had very painful smear and i was screaming and crying coz of pain and contraxtions in my lower abdomen​:sweat::sweat:

Dont know if this is something to worried about or just sit and wait for my periods an go again for smear test

Hopefully you will get your all clear result xx