Inadequate smear due to fused cervix

CGIN and CIN3 was discovered and removed last year, I also had CIN3 removed in 2004. Everything came back clear but when I went for test of cure 6 months later, my cervix has completely fused together.


ive been on oestrogen passaries and they did a procedure to cut and dialate my cervix in order to do the smear, but my results came back as inadequate for the 2nd time. I’ve had an MRI done which hasn’t shown anything to be worried about, but they need to find a way to get to the glandular cells to do the smear and HPV tests.

my consultant is getting a second opinion as he doesn’t know what to do next. Not really reassuring, and just wondered if anyone else had had similar issues? 


This may not help and I don’t know your circumstances but following my extensive 2nd lletz for cc I was given the option of 6 monthly colposcopy or hysterectomy, I had adenocarcinoma which is glandular cancer and high grade CGIN. I opted for hysterectomy as my family was complete,although this wasn’t an easy decision for me as surgery scared me a little.

After my hysterectomy my consultant told me that looking at my cervix she would not have been able to assess my cervix as it had scarred together making the endocervical canal impossible.

I suppose I’m saying they may potentially offer you a hysterectomy. They may also offer an examination under anaesthetic to get what they need but again this may be a lot to cope with whenever they want to assess your cervix.

Hope you get a conclusion xxxxx

Hey lotty,

thank you for the note. Sorry to read what you've had to deal with this year.

we've lightly 'danced' around hysterectomy, but I don't have children, hence doing what we can to avoid it. I desperately want to have children but not sure what other options I have.


ive had my next appointment date for 7th oct so hopefully things will become clearer. Good luck with your pathology results xx

I really do hope they can get something sorted so you can have the family you would like.


Just had a letter from the specialist, the mri showed 'shortened cervix measuring 2.1 x 1.5cm maximum with fibrotic changes and some distortion and reduction in anterior cervix volume. There is some tethering of the cervix to the anterior wall of the rectum'


does anyone have any idea what that actually means? My appointment isn't for 2 weeks.


thank you


I suspect this means your cervix is very short and has reduced bulk (amount) at the front (anterior) side. The fibrotic changes are to do with scar tissue. The tethering to the rectum is likely scar tissue making your cervix stick to your rectum.

Im not a doctor so this is my best guess. Overall it seems you have scar tissue which isn’t surprising given the number of lletz procedures you’ve had done. I’m assuming they wanted the MRI to give them information on whether another lletz would be appropriate or not?


Yes I think they needed to check my cervix as it was a different specialist who did the first one. Not sure what happens if they can't do another lletz xx