Newbie needing advice

Hi, I've been looking around the site recently but just decided to join the site and ask a

question following a letter from hospital. I had a smear in August (2nd ever aged 28) which

showed abnormal cells, I then had my colposcopy which showed CIN1. I went for a loop a few

weeks ago, I'm a very panicky patient and didn't want to go through it, but the doctor told me

if I didn't I could get cancer. I received a letter over the weekend which said they found no

signs of cancer but it's now CIN3 and CGIN. I'm due to go for a smear and another colpoc in



I think I'm over-reacting but I am quite worried now. Is it normal for the cells to go from

CIN1 to CIN3 like that? Should I be concerned? Should I worry that my next appointment is

so far away? If I keep getting these results will I have to have a hysterectomy? I have all these

thoughts running through my head now, I'm writing this at work as I can't concentrate until I

get this out. I've had quite a year of it having had an

op in July to remove two swollen lymph nodes from my neck, which were thankfully nothing, but

it just feels like cancer scare after scare. I hate over-reacting as I know there are ladies

out there who actually have cancer, but I'm terrified I'll get it. If anyone can offer any

advice I'd be so grateful, is my experience normal or anything to worry about, and what

do I face? Thank you so much xx


Hi.  I wouldn't worry that your next smear is so far away because even though it was CIN3, my guess is that they would have removed this in your loop you went for a few weeks ago and from what I have read on here it seems pretty standard to have a check up 6 months later. Also, I very much doubt they would need to perform a hysterectomy unless there was cancer present. I hope this eases your mind a little bit. Just try not to worry (easier said than done) but the good news is your loop treatment did not show cancer and you are being monitored with a check up in May to keep an eye on it. If you can, try and look at this positively. I hope that your smear in May comes back all clear xxx

Hi Shiney, I didnt want to read and run so thought i would reply. Well done going for your smear. Your results at colposcopy im guessing when they said CIN1 were an estimate as they wouldnt be able to say 100% until they got the biopsies back?? Also they would be unlikely to send you for lletz for CIN1. Doctors at times are not very good at explaining things. I had my results announced by a nurse at a gynae appointment in front of a full waiting room before they realised i hadnt received them through post and had no idea what they were going on about and i burst into tears.

Even more well done going for your lletz. The problem with CGIN is its higher up rather than on the transformation zone and often doesnt show correctly on smears and cant be seen easily during colposcopy. The CIN3 and CGIN (most likely) hasnt changed that quick, your smear was innaccurate and the CGIN is difficult to grade/get by smear. You were right to have the treatment and have a 95% success rate of it not returning so your chances of CC have been slashed now. The doctor encouraged you to get it treated as they cant tell if cancerous cells are present 100% until they get it all. So its great news no cancer was found. Your repeat colposcopy will be easier next time as you know what to expect. And its great they have booked that to keep an eye on everything. Hysterectomy is rare and only really happens with CC patients or people who have to have lletz done that many times that there is little or no cervix left.You can take comfort in the fact your doctor caught this and now your in the system you will be looked after and monitored

If you have any concerns why not write them down and make a doctors appoinment. My next colposcopy is also scheduled for May so feel free to keep in touch. XX

Thank you both for replying, it's really helpful just to get some friendly advice and a bit of

a reality check. I hadn't thought that the first CIN1 results were perhaps slightly incorrect

and so thats where the CIN3 and CGIN have now come from, that's put my mind at ease, so

thank you. Also like you have said the cells should have been removed at the loop which

again I hadn't thought of, panic takes over doesn't it! September2013 you are so right

about doctors not explaining things properly, I guess they see so many of us, but it does

feel like things go un-answered, I will keep a note of questions to ask either at the app

in May, or if I worry before. Going to take both of your advice and be thankful the doctors

are looking after me, and think positive. Thank you both xx

This is an amazing place for support and has helped me personally so much. I like you dont like hospitals etc. Think i see far too much of them at 28yrs, but they are there to help us. I nearly ran out the hospital scared when it came to my appointment, so you did amazing. I feel better about my May appointment now i know what to expect. Biggest problem is the waiting between things for results and stuff. Anyway glad to of been some help. x

It really is amazing, so much more helpful than other "official" websites!

It's just reassuring knowing other people have the same fears and worries, I will

keep checking in here all the way, it's a real help. Good luck with your treatment too xx

Thank you :)

You too. x