I'm sure I have cervical cancer

I have never had a smear I am in my mid 30's and in July I started bleeding and didn't stop....I ignored it thinking my body was adjusting to my new meds and my weight loss even though I wasn't trying. Persuaded myself it was my body rebalancing itself I carried on as normal. Then the pains started down the Base of my spine and around the back of my kidneys and I felt like I had a string tied to my belly button to my groin and every movement hurt. So I took myself to the Dr's on the Presumption that I had a uti as I have always had lots of them. Went to the Dr put in a test and he said there was alot of blood in my water sample,whereupon he asked if I was on my cycle. I told him that I couldn't tell as I'm always bleeding. He made me an appointment for a check at the surgery. Went down scared as anything (have anxiety) and never having it done I was so teary and emotional. The nurse was kind and comforted me and told me I'm no different from anyone else when it comes to it.....I wish this was the case! An hour and 4 speculums later she said she couldn't see or find my cervix and that I had vast amounts of blood in my cervix and got a Dr. He stood on the other side of the room and said o my God that doesn't look right I'll make an urgent appointment. When I asked the nurse all she said is don't worry(which ofc made me worry more!) got an appointment that was cancelled an hr before my appointment on the day and had another one last week. Again the procedure was performed and again I was told the same thing. I must also say I am in the high risk category as it runs in my family my medication suppresses my immune system which I don't have anyway after 2 organ transplants.....this is why I'm worried and I'm sure that's what they will say to me. I have been told 3 different things from 3 Dr's and the only word they all agree on is Cancer. I pushed what my symptoms could be last week and she kept avoiding answering,I didn't want a diagnosis just what the symptoms mean and what in her words "made her feel uneasy and extremely worried" and until I said it to her face and asked if she thought it was cancer she replied "that's what my worry is" and then and there referred me for an emergency colposcopy which is some time next wk. I am in immense pain nausea dizziness light headed and have awful pain I'm my back around my kidneys I'm incredibly fatigued and extremely lethargic. And no-one is giving me any information about y their so worried. I am convinced I will be told I have cc. Is anyone else in this situation with high risk such as myself. This has been going on since July and hasn't stopped and the only common word I hear from the professionals is the word cancer. Please help

Worried and anxious