Help anyone need someone to talk to

Hi I’m 36 never had a smear and now am convinced I have cervical cancer. I have been bleeding for nearly 5 months now I am in huge amounts of pain at the Base of my spine and around the back of my kidneys. I am bloated nauseous and have lost weight without even trying. I am extremely lethargic and fatigued. The Dr found a growth and sent me to have a specialist look as I have vast amounts of blood Loss to the point That they can’t find my cervix which is (I’ve been told) extremely swollen. My symptoms over this past month have become increasingly worse and the specialist I saw said she’s worried it’s cancer and got me appointment this week. I understand that I am in what Dr’s call a high risk category as I have had 2 organ transplants I’m on steroids and my immunosuppression gets rid of what white cells might be left. Along with the fact that one side of my family has a history of numerous types of cancer.
I don’t know what else to think I am convinced this is Cancer. Has anyone else been through this? Or any words of comfort?or help? I’ve read some articles on here and it seems a very friendly website with everyone helping each other.
Please is there anyone that can help?


im sorry you have so much to worry about and that you are going through this. Please do try to stay positive, regardless of the fact you have not had a smear just focus on getting things looked after. 

There is no point in panicing as it will do you no good. Hopefully you will get some answers soon. Send you a big virtual hug. 

Hi there,

Like Lolli, I am sorry that you find yourself in this situation which is a very scary one when you don't know what is going on. The positive thing, which is what you have to try to focus on, is that you have been seen and that they are going to see you this week to get the wheels in motion should it be what you fear. You may find it helpful when the helpline is open tomorrow morning to give them a ring so that you can talk it through with someone. There is so much help and information on this website which is really valuable to read. Try if you can not to jump ahead too far,  it take one step at a time. because that's all we can really take on. Whatever the outcome of your next appointment, you will be in good hands and you wil be offered the best treatment to help. Do keep close to the site as there are always people out there who can offer support and help based on their own experiences. Hope that you get some clarity at your next appointment . Big hugs x

Thank-you so much Rachel and Lolli!

Thank-you for your replies they are greatly appreciated,truly are! And must apologise for my rant and many posts I have sent as my mobile crashed and presumed they didn't post. Thank-you for the virtual hug as well it means alot. And I know it's silly to jump too conclusions but after being told by specialists with experience and after (shall we say investigation) turns and tells you her biggest worry is that it's cancer,makes it a bit easier to jump to them. And I'm a glass half empty kind of gal. Which doesn't help. I didn't know who to turn to and found this forum,so thank-you for your kind words positive attitudes and advice xx