majorly worried

hi ladies im here as 2 years ago when i was 24 i had abnormal bleeding id have my period and then any time after intercouse i would bleed again for a week plus.....

 i would also have a constant thick dark brown foul smelling vsginal discharge, i contacted my doctor i spoke to the nurse in the reception area infront of other patients, i was made to feel like a complete idiot for asking for a smear...i stood and told this 'nurse' my symptoms the fact that i have 3 children and other personal information, and was simply told nope labs wouldnt process it as your 24....anyway i felt humiliated, i saw the doc that day too, she gave me a pelvic exam said she suspects trichonomiasis, gave me metronidazole, lab results back no trichonomiasis, symptoms persisting....and i never went back.........infact i havnt been to the doctors in 2 years for ANYTHING ! i have been with my partner for 7 years i am clear from STD's.... i got my invite for a cervical smear when i turned 25........i couldnt go i was scared.......and last time i was there i felt like an absolute now 26 and 6 months i bleed EVERYTIME i have intercourse and it is prolonged.......i also have dark brown thick foul smelling discharge.......i kept putting of booking my smear as id be bleeding or id go to book and id have the beginnings of bleeding AGAIN i literally have a few days break from bleeding if im lucky...i also posted on another forum these 2 years ago and got a horrific response the kind of how dare you post here wtoithout a diagnosis, i dont want to offend anyone at all, im soo sooo sooo scared so scared that i cant bear the thought of going to the doctors, almost like i know somethings wrong but as long as i dont know then its ok...........iv changed my doctors surgery today so hopefully i can gather the courage to go and see a doctor and this time not feel so stupid, my point in coming here is to ask did any of you ladies have symptoms similar to mine ? i know no body should ever assume the worst...but this has gone on for so long now and im truley terrified......thankyou for listening to me x

Oh wow! That sounds like such an horrific experience that you had with the nurse. 

In your heart you know that somethig isn't right, so deep down you know that you need to get it checked out. Hopefully this new doctors will have more supportive staff! 


I have similar symtoms and i have put it off for months and months. I am still too young for the smear test though so I have no idea what my GP will say to me on friday when i finally bite the bullet and get checked out. 

My symptoms are continuous heavy period for over 10 weeks and pain when have sex with bleeding afterwards. So quite similar.


I've been scouting this site for a few months, and ive seen nothing but compassion from these inspirational ladies, so i doubt you'll get anyone having a pop at you for posting. 

I hope you muster the courage to book yourself in to see a Dr as it really can't be ignored.



Goodness Natalie!

What a dreadful experience you have had! I am SO glad you have changed doctor. DO make an appointment to see a doctor at the new surgery. DO tell the doctor why you felt it necessary to change doctors. And remember, even if you don't have a doctor, if you have symptoms that are practically constant you can walk into A&E. Somebody will see you. And nobody here will berate you for posting.

Go well


thankyou for your kind replies, i have made an appointment this morning but its not until the 18th of december, im so worried, id feel an idiot going into a and e i also dont like that place lol i had appendicitus once and was sent home with the diagnosis period pains :/ so all in all not had good experiences medically, i am definatly going to explain why i changed doctors and how long this has been going on for i know its well over 2 years and i feel such an idiot for not being proactive in my own health when regardless what it is i know that something isnt right, i have the contraceptive implant to so kept putting the bleeding down to that although im coming up to the end of the 3 years with it, and id never bled like this with it before, keep in touch snow and let me know how you get on...tivoli do you know if there is anyway to skip the smear and have a more physical exam ? i ask that because i know that bleeding can affect smear results...and i barely get a break from bleeding

Hi Natalie - you really have had an awful experience with your first doctor. Its so frustrating that people like that are allowed work in the medical profession. You did the right thing by changing. If the smear is hard to read, or they think the symptoms are serious enough, they will probably refer you for colposcopy right away. I don't know if they'll wait until the smear results come back or not, but its worth asking them. I really feel for you. Its so horrible to know something is wrong but have been put off by idiots like that. If only they knew the affect they had on people.

hi jjcarnage, yes pretty bad practice by my old doctors id say, i had my first little one when i was 15 so everytime i have postnatal apps they have told me off fr never having a smear, but i truley wasnt allowed one...even when physically asking :( i have changed docs and have a december partner was at the doctors today the one iv changed to, he was speaking to hes doctor about me, hes doctor said tell her to ring and get an appointment asap, although its probably nothing he told him to tell me to go to him and he would have me do a smear and send me for an ultrasound ? is an ultrasound common practice ? all you ladies are so very brave iv read a few peoples stories and im truley touched that even though you have your own problems that you are faced with you take time to reassure me x

I'm also worried had an abnormal smear 6 months ago came back high grade went for that loop thing just been back to doctors today for 6 month smear and she couldn't do it as there was discharge apparently a lot I had notice a litre but didn't think it was much to worry about but now been reading it can be a symptom of cc got to wait for swab results now before anything else can be done, don't know what to think

fingers crossed everything is as it should be for you gizmow x

Hi Natalie,

I don't know how common a practice ultrasound is where you are, but I had one immediately after the doctors took a look inside me. It's a very quick way to look at what is going on inside without disturbing anything. It is unlikely to trigger any bleeding and even if it did, the bleeding wouldn't make it difficult to see the scan.

Good luck


Hi Natalie, firstly I'm glad you've changed your doc's. It took me months to get diagnosed as my smear was clear so they kept fobbing me off with this and that. I was diagnosed after an internal scan like Tivoli. Why do feel an idiot going to a&e? It's your body and if you feel something's not right then go. In hindsight I wish I had pushed the gp for tests sooner but I put my faith in the so called professionals and they were wrong. I feel lucky though to have come through this relatively well. Jo's is a fantastic site and someone will always answer any questions you have, God knows it helped me through it all. Wishing you luck for your appointment love. Lea xx 

Hi Natalie

I find it annoying when Drs dismiss what you tell them, dont feel stupid as I must of returned to the Drs on average 15 times , I knew something just wasn't right.

There was the problem of my smear being clear however, you instinctively know something isn't right,

There could be a number of reasons why you are bleeding, but it needs to be investigated!

As for the other forum you were made to feel unwelcome! What a bunch of uncaring women, they should appreciate that any symptoms can cause fear and stress,

Please try not to worry too much now as you are doing the right thing in getting it sorted! You pursued it!Best wishes xxx :-)

thanks again ladies :) x what alovely bunch you are

Hi hon, just read your post. I am so saddenied by the horrible experiences you had, you won't get treated like that here cos wherever we have ended up we have all started from the same place.

i really hope you get seen soon, can they bring the smear forward at all? Would it be an option to switch to private for the initial tests? I didn't, but others have and got seen very quickly, and given results quickly - it is hell waiting!

all the best,Molly xxxx

its been a long time since i posted this....i now feel even more of an idiot. I had my smear 2 weeks ago i came home from work to my results, the letter said severe abnormalities and a description about 3 out of 3 cells were abnormal. I will never ever settle for someone elses words ever again, i should of trusted my gut instinct all those years agom i will have my colops in the next five days !