freaking out...

Hi there. 5 years ago I had really weird dishcharge for 4 months and in the end they found I had ...

I dont know what you call it in english, but the prestage before cancer is divided in 4 stages where I live and I had stage 3.

So I had a surgery to remove it.

6 months later I had a check up and all was clear. Then I got pregnant and I havent been in for a check up since. 

Now for 3 weeks I have been having brown/black discharge... (5 years ago it was red/brown)

For about 2-3 months I have been having trouble with my leg, I dont know why. It´s like I have a swelling in my groin area, 

some days I can bearly walk but others I´m ok. Maybe I´m just beeing a drama queen, I don´t know if these 2 are related,

but I really feel like something is wrong. I´m having a real drama fit moment and I think I have cancer

and the docktor cant see me until 3 weeks and then I have to wait another 2 or 3 weeks for the resaults :C

Oh no... I know you've got to be scared. Can you see another doc that can get you in sooner? Maybe try calling the Dr back and ask if they're are any canceled appt if they could book you in their place. Im sorry I know that fear is not a good feeling, I know it doesn't make things much better but remember if it is modern medicine has come a long way in treating cervical cancer. Iwish you the best physically and emotionally.I

I'm just like phased out or something. Sick to my stomach at one moment and feel like crying, the next I'm just in a daze. I go in for my biopsy results today. My pap had shown HSIL. I had an abnormal pap like 18yrs ago, never took it any further. Had 2 kids and I believe a pap had been done at that time that was normal and now 15yrs later hsil. I haven't had real symptoms, except for pain during sex and feel like I have an ongoing bladder infection. This has been a serious roller coaster ride with my emotions!!!