I believe I have cervical cancer

I strongly believe I have cervical cancer ,I know that there is something wrong. Everything points to Stage 3B Here's the run down of my symptoms that have been getting worse. - Dark brown foul smell discharge - Sometimes light brown foul smell discharge - Sometimes spotting with discharge. (The discharges are so heavy that I wear a pad at all times) - Beyond painful, unbearable intercourse, NOTHING and I mean nothing can go inside , not even a finger (tmi) . - I bleed if I have intercourse or (tmi) attempt to please myself. Its a complete no go . - I bled during my last pap YEARS ago, it was horrible, extremely painful.. My Dr at the time couldn't even get a clamp thing in all the way because it was just so tight, and it just wasn't happening. - Sharp Pelvic Pain - Extreme nausea - Vomiting - Diahrea - Change in eating habits - Fevers Just to name a few symptoms. Now years ago prolly 2-3 I spoke to my Dr at the time , and we both were worried about PCOS and cervical cancer because I had been showing some signs back then. However I got freaked out and never went back. I have since moved and I have a new Dr which I have yet to disclose any of this info with .. But the symptoms have gotten worse and I'm worried. I know other women who have cervical cancer and share the same symptoms and they've all advised that I should speak to my new Dr. But drs give me anxiety however I got the courage to make an appt for next week. I also wanna say that I have no STD , no UTI or yeast infections etc. & studies show that there are risk factors that double your chance, and in this case I have at least one - I had a full term pregnancy before 17. Just wanted to see if other women could relate . I hope I don't sound crazy. Any tips on how to approach my Dr on this?

Your symptoms could be any number of things, not necessarily cancer. Make sure you keep your appointment ans when explaining things to your GP tell them about your anxiety around doctors. If it does turn out to be cancer don't fear the worst.. there are lots of us on here who are still around to tell the tale. 

Maybe just show your dr this post if you are feeling too anxious to talk.

Make sure you go though!!!!!

Speak to your doctor asap because the symtoms are simular to cc but it could also be an infection of some kind....

ignorance is NOT bliss.....i know all too well