hysterotomy done awaiting result

Hi all

Ive had my hysterotoy my done on the 24th oct and came home last night. I spent a week in hospital so was glad to be home in my own bed and to be with my husband and my 2 girls.

The op went well and can say was v surprised that i wasnt in that much pain when i came round (but they do give u plenty when in theatre) but have continued to be fairly pain free but do get tired alot and still have to be careful what im doing.

Im still waiting on some result to see where i go from here they say i should know by friday so im still feeling a bit anxious

I would like to say thank u to all the support and kind message ive had.



X x

Hi Carron

Thanks for your message. Glad to hear all is going and not too painful  well so far.

Will keep  fingers crossed for you  x

Take it easy


Hi Carron,

Well done in getting thru your op, a massive hurdle climbed! Take it very easy & slowly in the next few weeks, your body will need lots of rest to recover.

I’ll be hoping for good news for you on Friday, really hope you get the result you need.

Rest up & take care. Thanks for updating us too.

Lisa x x