Waiting waiting

Hello all,

So sorry I haven't been on here for a while.
I have had my first follow-up consutant appointment (after chemo, rad and brachy) and he seemed positive!  Had a MRI scan on Wednesday and have an appointment to discuss results on Monday (was meant to be at the end of the month but they had a cancellation).
I am scared about what he is going to say on Monday! I know hysterectomy is an option if it's not gone but he says that's not that common. 

At the beginning I was very much in the camp of 'this won't be my life' but the further along I get, the more I realise this is my life now :(

Hi Sweet Pea :-)

Oh the first follow-up is indeed a scary moment, but most of us pass it with flying colours :-) You have had the very best treatment and the chances of it having not worked and you needing anything more are very slim indeed. For a while, yes, this is your life, but quite soon you'll be back to your old self. Trust me.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli!

Feeling sick already at the thought of my appointment and my husband told me last night he's worried too :/

Thanks for the message and rationality - I appreciate your experience xx

Hi Sweet Pea,

I know exactly how you feel.  I was like that too until I had my first appointment since my treatment today and was told there is no trace of the Cancer.  I hope and pray this is the case for you too.  

Please let us know how you got on,

Stay Strong,


Feisty xx