Good to be home

Hi all


thank you for all you kind words.  It was an incredibly long day but I was finally on the ward by 8.30 last night.  Needless to say I didn't really sleep well and am really tierd now but trying to make it to normal bedtime so I sleep better This evening.  Imy consultant says all went well and it looks like good margins but obviously have to wait a couple of weeks Tor results.  I can't believe I've done it to be honest feels so surreal , am amazed how well the body copes.  

Once again thank you for your kindness as always all you ladies are in my thoughts n prayers,  here's to recovering and looking forward 

love Karen x

Glad it all went ok for you love. Concentrate on your recovery now. Love lea xx

Good to hear from you Karen and so pleased to hear that it went well.  Lots of rest and relaxation now, let everyone run around for you!

Hope you have a good recovery and are home soon.



Hi Karen

My yoga teacher said to me that post-op is were we learn patience - and she is completely right!

Listen to your body, rest when you need to and just be pleased with whatever little step you manage to achieve. 

Just take it day by day.  I am three weeks post op and got really excted when I could put my socks on without help :-)

My friend gave me a get well card which has become a bit of a mantra:

In your own time

In Your own way

Little by little

Day by day

Glad you got through the op ok and hugs for your recovery

Sl xxx