Out for the weekend

hi all

yeah i've made it to the other side.


Surgery was a little more complicated than anticipated (6 hours), a lot of scar tissue left over from an earlier c-section and my bladder was attached to my womb via this. I've come home with a catheter for a week - joy... however my consultant removed all that was needed to and deems the surgery successful.

i was in a lot of pain initially when i came round and was sick earlier today.  However am overjoyed to be home and look forward to a night of uninterupted sleep.

Fingers crossed for the results now...

oh and this wind is something else. Tongue Out

Glad your home.remember that feeling well, but still didn't have good night's sleep for weeks lol. The wind is not nice either, more of that to come I'm afraid. It sounds your operation went well. Fingers crossed for your results.good luck with your recovery.thinking of you xxx

That’s great news that your home and surgery went well… Even if a little bit longer. I was under for the same time as you… Seems incredible doesn’t it!
Hope you’ve got that pain under control!
I was sick on day 3! … Don’t even know why?! seems quite common though!

I hope you’re feeling better being home, take it easy and make sure you get everyone looking after you! :wink:

Sending positive thoughts for your results :slight_smile:

Em xx

Hi Pat,

Welcome home! It's so nice to be in your own bed afterwards isn't it. Make sure you take it easy now and make the most of being looked after. Xxx

Good to hear you are home Pat - take it easy and let the wind blow free!

Wind! Oh I'm loving reading all these stories of what I've got coming in the next few weeks. 

Ive read so many stories, they are helpful. Thank you x