Back home post op

Hi ladies

Just to let you know I was discharged from Hosp about 5pm yesterday.  Was in for 5 nights, cyst on ovary turned out to be a biggie so the op took a bit longer than originally thought.  Coping OK though getting into bed last night was really difficult, our mattress is high and hubby had to lift my legs up as I couldn't manage to get them that high!  Any advice anyone?  Also getting an awful numb bum with the sitting down!

Have a nice row of staples which are going to be taken out over 2 sessions, Wed & Fri - early wake up call those days as the appts are 8am amd 8.30am!  Then I'm due to see the consultant at 10.15am to get my results - keeping everything crossed for that.

Sending a massive thank you to all the advice, support and reassurance I was given prior to going in, couldn't have coped without it.

Will keep you updated with what happens and help anyone else if I am able.

Love and hugs



Welcome home Cheryl - take it easy - baby steps


Glad you're home and on the road to recovery. I got home on Sunday and I agree with you about the getting in and out of bed thing, very hard! xx

I put a small foot stool alongside the bed last night and that did the trick!  It wasn't so far to lift my legs up then.

Had a little walk outside today.  Prob about 7 mins this morming and 7 mins this afternoon but our road is quite hilly.  Fell asleep this afternoon so it obviously wore me out!

Can anyone advise on what limits they set themselves please?

Hi Cheryl, glad everything went okay. I came home Saturday. I started having little walks yesterday only about 10 mins at a time. Not feeling too bad. Going back Friday to get my staples and catheter out. They had to nick my bladder to get everything out, although they repaired it they said it needed to rest for 10 days. Other than that op went well.

Hi Cheryl you said you were in weds and fri for staples out/results - were results yesterday or tomorrow? Either way fingers crossed for you!

I tried the footstool next to the bed last night and it worked wonders!


Yes, getting in and out of bed not the easiest.... The things we have to go through!!

hope everything is going well for everyone. one day at a time etc etc!! I went to GP today and he was pleased with my progress and says need to stop being so hard on myself expecting more than I am doing- as he pointed out, if this was years back, we would have been sent to the seaside to convalesce for 3 months!!! Now, why can't I get a prescription for that? Lol x