Hysterectomy gas pains

Hi I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 2 days ago how long does the gas pains last and what will ease them any suggestions pls x

Hiya I had such bad gas after hysterectomy too the hospital gave me peppermint water and buscopan and that really helped. Ask them and I’m sure they will help. Lying on my side also helped me xx

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Thankyou for replying I’m on buscapan and had one peppermint water Thankyou so much hope ur recovery went well xx

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Thank you it’s going well. How are you feeling? Xx

I had laparoscopic gastric surgery some years ago and I remember that the gas was the most painful thing. My surgery team told me to walk - in fact they got me out of bed and made me walk every couple of hours and it did help it disperse! The important thing to remember is that it will pass. Hope your recovery goes really well.