Post Hysterectomy - some advice if possible

Hi everyone, 

I am 11 days post Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy with Salpingo-Oopherectomy and I just don't feel right.

The gas pain after the surgery was worse than any actual surgery pain, which has been pretty much nothing to be honest. I have a wonderful consultant and my surgery was straightforward.

I am having digestive issues, I feel nauseous and I have a very up and down appetite. I have had digestive issues most of my life which I controlled very well with diet etc but this has exasterbated them again. I am watching what I do eat etc but just wondered if anyone else really suffered with this post surgery.

I do have a telephone consultation booked with a doctor tomorrow but just wanted to ask how long others suffered with this type of pain for. i should say that it is worse in the morning and does ease off after Ive been to the loo but I am just stressed out about it. I feel like its never going to go away or back to normal. I dont feel like I am ever going to feel well again.

I realise Im in surgical menopause too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hopefully your digestive issues have settled

i had a radical hysterectomy after being diagnosed with 1b cancer at 35. The trapped gas post surgery  was one of the most horrendous things I've experienced. Took about a month before I settled down and lost a stone in weight. I'm a year on now and all check ups have come back clear. I hope you've had no more issues. I can totally empathise with the pain you were having. 
mel x 

Hi Mel,
Oh my lord its the worst isn’t it!! And yes I agree the gas pain was the most painful thing! I had zero post operative pain, I feel lucky.
Yes I am all good thank you.
Have one more vault smear in 6 months and hopefully thats the end of it all.
So glad you are well.
Merryjean xx

Hope u feeling ok I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on the 28th July and omg the gas pains were horrible so much pain I don’t have a appetite at all since and all I’m doing is crying and I’ve pushed everyone away and just lay in bed day in day out never felt so depressed in my life and can’t have hrt yet till results are back hope u are recovering well xx

Hi Emma,
If you can face it try and go for a slow walk.
You will get your appetite back I promise. I couldn’t eat anything more than a few biscuits at first but you will feel better I promise you.

Hello there,
I am new to this site, I have an appointment to discuss my options on 1st September but was wondering how long it takes for the hysterectomy op to take place after having cancer removed??

Hi there,
Well I had an MRI which was clear and then opted to wait 6 months for another smear. This showed grade 2 cells and positive HPV.
So from the March smear to waiting for results and deciding … I have a very good consultant … I had my hysterectomy September.
It was last year though… so during the pandemic.
I was offered a hysterectomy a year before I decided to go ahead.
I had laparoscopic surgery. I can honestly say I had no pain other than the gas pain afterwards.
I’m fine now. Just had the all clear on my first follow up vault smear, next one next April.
Surgical menopause is interesting!!!
Anyway… good luck… you can always contact me if you need to
M xx

Thank you Madamex, because of my age (51) and no longer childbearing my consultant advised hysterectomy but have to go and talk more about this as this was a telephone conversation when I called for my results. She tells me all the cancer was removed during lletz procedure, so far my appointments have been really quick.

Mine would’ve been quicker but I decided to wait. I was actually recommended a hysterectomy in August 2019 (I had 1a1 cc) but opted for a second lletz… from there I had the MRI and then the Hysterectomy Sep 2020.
I’m 47 now, 46 when I had the op.
I had a total hysterectomy… womb, ovaries, tubes, cervix. I could’ve kept my ovaries but decided to have the full works.
You will be fine. Ask all the questions you need to.
Wishing you all the best.
Find me on here anytime
Merryjean xx

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Hi there Madamex
Just a quick update, seen my consultant/surgeon and she has recommended full Hysterectomy, as cancer (1a1 cc) was completely removed by Lletz procedure she says it will be within the next 3 months. Hope you are well x

Hi there,
This is exactly the same as me.
You will be fine.
I had an epidural and felt zero pain afterwards apart from the gas.
Get lots of peppermint tea in and drink water through a straw so it doesn’t create anymore bubbles in your tummy :slight_smile: they are the best pieces of advice I can give you.
Oh and if you have to inject yourself afterwards with anti clotting meds… put a bag of frozen peas on your thigh for 30 seconds… pinch the skin and inject. You won’t feel it.

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Thank you for advise all welcome I had an epidural 25 years ago when I had my twin babies so hopefully still the same lol xx

Hi there Madamex
Another update lol, my hysterectomy op is scheduled for next Tuesday xx

Sending you lots of good wishes.
Remember to get peppermint tea, have a few comfy pillows for your bed at home so you can sleep. I couldn’t sleep on my side for about a month. Also if you are being collected from the hospital get them to bring a pillow to put across your abdomen so the seat belt can rest on it. Also helps with bumps in the road.
You will be fine.
Let me know how it all goes
Merryjean xx

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Thank you for advice, will send hubby for peppermint tea while I’m in hospital ready for my home coming, have pillows for bed already and will get hubby to bring one in car on pickup, thank you again for advise and I will let you know how I get on xx

Good luck for today.
You got this.
M x

Thank you I am out of surgery and on the ward now, I was first on the list this morning. Feeling surprisingly OK lol xx

That’s fabulous.
Did you have keyhole?
So glad you feel ok.
Rest up.
M x

Yes I had keyhole done by a robot apparently lol, I asked if there would be any humans in there haha xx

Oh wow!
Hope you are feeling ok still.
Let me know how you are
M xx