Post Hysterectomy Recovery

Hi there

I am 2 weeks tomorrow post Hysterectomy.
I was just wondering where people were at at this stage with walking etc and beginning to resume certain activities etc?

Also did anyone have any bowel or bladder issues? I had a lot of bowel issues afterwards with constipation and gas problems which I think have now rectified themselves. My bladder and peeing has been fine but over the last couple of days I’ve felt some strange feelings down below and also needing to pee a lot (not an infection as I am prone to them so know exactly how they feel!). Has anyone had this?

I also had some pain last night in my abdomen and my ovary area but guessing it could be scarring / healing? Just hoping someone has experienced similar

Thanks for reading xx

Hello there is a group on Facebook called Hysterectomy sisters uk . I have not had mine yet as 2 lletz is on the cards and just waiting for Coloscopy appointment in August,but I joined the group to get info on what it would be if I got one which to be honest is my preference because I don’t think I can take the stress of dealing with this anymore and want a more permanent solution. Anyway the group is fantastic lot’s of advice. Hope you recover well take care :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. Just read your post and thought I would put my recovery on here for you. I hope you are getting on ok generally and feeling better day by day. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy with ovaries left but removal of cervix Fallopian tubes and uterus. I was out of hospital the following day after the op and started doing short walks of about 10 minutes the day after this gradually building it up day by day dependant on how I felt. If I felt tired then I just wouldn’t go. I just went with how my body felt. I didn’t really have any problems with gas or bowel problems. After 2 weeks I was fairly back to normal bar any lifting or hoovering etc. I feel really lucky that I was able to recover the way I did I truly believe that the gradual walking helped me personally and I know that some people really are unable to do much for weeks. I also had a very positive mindset about the whole experience and knew this was a positive thing for me to do and did not look on any negative issues towards this. I know this sort of recovery is not for all but for me I couldn’t have asked for a better recovery. I think see how your body feels do a 5 minute walk if it makes you feel good then do a little longer the next day. I had a few weird feelings down there which did make me think of a prolapse but this did go away and I put it all down to healing and this went after a couple of weeks. I now have to have a vault smear after 6 months which is in September. This forum helped me loads and reading everyone’s stories makes you feel more normal. I wish you a really good recovery and hope you are on the way to this very soon.


Hi Kimmy,

I had a trachelectomy 2 weeks ago with sentinel lymph node removal (2 each side), and am currently experiencing bladder discomfort just like you describe. A course of antibiotics has not helped but some ibuprofen today seemed to relieve the constant burning sensation of needing to pee. This has given me a couple of awful nights of falling asleep finally at 3am. I wonder what explanation you got for your bladder issues?

Hope you are feeling very well now.
Katy xx

Hi KatyG

I’ve noticed your mention of sentinel lymph node removal. I enquired about it when I went for my treatment plan appointment in 2017 but unfortunately my medical team said they didn’t do it. It’s too late for me but I’m interested in anything that can reduce the risk of lymphoedema.