Shoulder pain after laparoscopic hysterectomy

I had my surgery on Friday and will try to update properly later today, but I have a quick question about the shoulder pain caused by the gas left in the abdomen following the procedure. How long is it likely to last? It’s the thing that has caused me most pain and it is beginning to get me down as I thought it would have been better by now. It’s certainly much improved, but I still find it fairly bad, even after painkillers.

The good news is that my op went smoothly and I’m back home being well looked after by hubby.

Glad everything went well for you. The shoulder pain only lasts a couple of days but it was the worst pain ever! Hope you feel better soon, make sure and rest as much as you can and take it real easy xx

glad to hear your op went well!

Peppermint tea helps but time will help I had mine for About a week and it eased off gradually,

Hope your doing ok ?

Mel xx

Having had a bit of a Google it seems it can last anywhere from a couple of days to three weeks! It hasn't been too bad today, but I went out for a walk earlier and was almost crying with the pain on the way home.

Mel, how are you doing? When do you get your results?

Can't help with the shoulder pain but glad to see you're home and all went well. Rest up and don't do too much too soon. Any bright red spotting and get back on the sofa!

t x

Sorry to hear about the pain and hope it eases soon. Everyone says peppermint tea and gentle walking. Everyone also says KEEP AWAY FROM GOOGLE.

Be kind to yourself and be lucky :-)

Haha, I know, I tell all my clients not to Google, but I'm not the paranoid type and sometimes it can be quite helpful.

The shoulder pain is a lot better today. Although I know overall walking helps, walking makes it hurt in the short term.  I saw my GP this morning, to get my free prescription form, sick line and also asked her to prescribe me some codeine just in case. The walk to the GP and pharmacy has left me pretty tired, but the pain is minimal and I'm feeling better each day.