How can I release gas from surgery!?

hi ladies,


my tummy is full of gas following surgery! The pain has now eased, but I look like I'm pregnant and my clothes don't fit!


im considering a laxative to help push the gas south bound...  but I am worried it might make it worse...


any tips?


gill. X

Hi hun. Laxatives won't work!!!! Drink loads of peppermint tea and also walk! Believe it or not the walking helps. Little and often. I also ate plenty of fruit and veg (when I could) which helps soften your first bowl movement xxx let me know how you get on xxxx

I second all of the above post! Peppermint tea and *gentle* (please be gentle) walking is the way to do it! I also found a hot water bottle to hold against my tummy and also my shoulder for the nerve pain helped loads as well. 

I looked about 4 months pregnant for a good long while after my trach. If you had pelvic lymph nodes removed like I did then some of it may also be from the lymph fluid backing up into your stomach before it works its way to an alternative route. I made sure to wear comfortable clothes that had soft and stretchy waistbands and stayed away from anything with buttons and zips! Both will sort themselves out eventually!

Hi gilly 

I agree with the other ladies peppermint tea...I made jug full in morning and sipped throo the day..helped loads...also try to keep mobile...and I found gently massaging my stomach helped...good luck xx

Hiya Hun, meant to say earlier as well, if you have had lymph node removal, please remember to massage yourur thighs twice a day with moisturiser as this will help drain away lymph node fluid too. Xxxxxxx

I am now 48 hours post op and like you I have no pain but am very swollen. It is starting to move with peppermint tea and walking. How are you feeling otherwise?

Hi girls, thank you. I'll try the peppermint tea!


i had 43(!) lymph nodes removed as well so the massage tips were helpful too!! Xxx