hysterectomy booked

Hi all feeling relived today had a call from hospital and they said I'm booked in for my hysterectomy on the 30th of jan iv got 10 days to get ready any tips iv bought loads of vitamins going to cut down on my drinking and try and get rest packed my hospital bag think iv got it all 4 nightys knickers money books laxatives and sweets  sanitary towels creams make up and smellys hoping to only be in a few days as ther hoping to do it lapascopic key hole have I forgot anything thanks in advance xx

Hi Lisa

Don't forget the peppermint tea bags!  I drank loads of the stuff post op, it really does help with the painful trapped wind and bloating.

Hope it all goes really well for you, it will soon be over and you will be on the road to recovery.




I took a nightie for post op when the catheter was still in but asked them to change the bag to a leg bag so I could wear PJ's. I had to keep the catheter in for 4 days. Peppermint tbags a must. I took a cosy fleece for the bed. Phone charger and some plain biscuits to try help with lack of appetite. X

I didn't read one of the 7 mags I took or the book! X

Also . I had keyhole, no pads required I had no bleeding at all or since 

Thanks girls il stock up on peppermint tea :) how long after did u find out your lymph nodes was clear x

My lovely macmillan nurse telephone me 10 days later with full report on ovaries cervix and lymph! All clear x I then saw the consultant after 6 weeks who confirmed again x

Hi, I was told about 10 days later too - also clear.  Fingers crossed yours will be too.



Thanks ladies x

All done now just waiting on results xx

Hi Lisa

Well done for getting through it. Sending you a big hug and wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery and clear results. 


Hi it looks like you're well prepared-the only thing I'd add is some headphones or ear plugs, depending on the ward they can be very noisy at night or if you want to rest during the day. 

Sorry I forgot when you go home you may want a cushion or some padding to protect your tummy when you put your seatbelt on