Hysterectomy Booked

I’ve got my surgery date - 4th August!
I am having a hysterectomy, hopefully leaving the ovaries.
I have my pre-op assessment on 29th July so find out a bit more then about the surgery.

Can anyone tell me what to expect? Is there anything people recommend I do or take with me?
I have no idea how long I will be in hospital for and have got a few things to keep me occupied-word searches, books, Netflix. I am going shopping next week to get some dresses and nighties as I was told trousers are likely to rub on my scars. Is there anything else?

Thank you.

Hi Bex :-) 

Everybody swears by peppermint tea. Apart from that your shopping/packing list sounds good. Include large knickers too.

You can expect to feel pretty rough when you first come round from surgery but this improves very quickly so try not to worry about that too much. Allow yourself to take the time to recover slowly and fully. Don't push yourself too hard and allow yourself to sleep whenever you feel floppy. Most people seem to be out of hospital after only a few days.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Bex, 

I had my op two weeks ago and wrote a really long post detailing my recovery in the hope it would help others feel more prepared. Unfortunately it disappeared when i tried to post it so I will attempt it agin tonight or tomorrow morning. 

One piece of advice is to buy some big comfy cotton pants in a size larger than you'd usually wear. I had bought some in my usual size but was so swollen they felt tight so I had to send hubby out to buy some bigger ones the day after the op. 

I was in hospital for three nights but probably would have been okay to leave after two. However my catheter was to stay for thtee days (consultant preferance) so I decided to stay until that was out. Prior to my op my consultant suggested that I might only need to stay for one night, but I definitely wasn't ready to go home the next day as I was still in a lot of pain and taking morphine. 

Two weeks on I'm feeling pretty good, though still get tired quite easily and can't walk as far or as fast as before and need lots of rest stops. I'm managing to get out and about a bit each day though. 

I'll try to post more later. 

Thanks Tivoli. 

Big knickers added to my shopping list :-)

I just want the surgery over with now, less than two weeks to go!! 


Nah! Get out in that sunshine!


Thanks hun, that would be great.

Ive added big knickers to my shopping list :-) 

I'm glad your recovering well, work are giving me as much time off as i need so i intend to rest lots and go back only when i know i can physically manage it. 

Thank you  




Bit cloudy here today! Im going out tonight with friends and intend on making it a good one as be a while before do it again! Xx

The most useful thing I had (apart from peppermint tea) was an eye mask and earplugs. I had no sleep on the first night, so my husband brought these in for me. Hospitals are SO noisy and the lights are often on until late - plus you may be next to a snorer on the ward.  I slept like a baby once I had these and rest is very important. Good luck with it all xx

Good luck for the surgery Bex, not long to wait. Nighties are a definite and your tummy will be very swollen after it so stretchy clothes will be your best friend for a few weeks. You may have a catheter in for a few days, differs from place to place how long. Mine was in for 9 days, worst part of the whole process and it wasn't sore just annoying. I took mags and my kindle and stuff in but I never touched any of it, just slept mostly or chatted with the other ladies in the ward. Peppermint tea was a godsend. You may have pain when you wake up from the gas they pump in, it gets trapped in your body, mostly up at your shoulder it can be really painful and scary if you have never had it before. It passes after a couple of days. Take all the painkillers you are offered and don't be shy if you are in pain, ask for more. 

Once you get home do nothing but rest, I fought against the rest and tried to be superwoman, learn from my mistakes :) xx

Thanks Nellie

Im not keen on eye masks and luckily lights dont bother me but ear plugs-yes i will get these! Thank you. Any help and advise is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. Hope all is well with you now xx

Thanks for replying hun. 

I have nighties on my list and am planning on living in them :-) (with me big pants).

I have been given as much time off work as i need so yeah i intend to get lots of rest and do as little as possible which i think ill find hard as i get bored very easily. 

Hope all is good with you now. Xx