Hysterectomy done!

ok so I was an absolute state yesterday,crying my eyes out not wanting the stupid operation I was on the verge of running away! But it's been done and I'm recovering. Doctor said it all went well but it took a lot longer than was said for some reason? Everyone was worried something was wrong! my partner got told I was in recovery and an hour later he was told I Wasn't so panic set in and everyone was quite annoyed!

but I'm fine so that's all that matters now

ive had my drain out already which was not a very nice experience and also my drip as I'm managing to eat and drink. I've also been able to shower and get my own pj's on.

ive got the dreaded shoulder pain which is absolute agony and I'm struggling a bit with that. 

I'm so sleepy and can't keep my eyes open lol my partner had just left so I'm gonna shut my eyes for a bit.

thanks to everyone on the forum for keeping me sane!


Well done you, I'm 3 weeks post op and every day gets a little easier. Get on the peppermint tea, sleep and rest. You did it girl! 

Well done hun xxx drink loads of peppermint Tea! Walk little and often. And REST! Good luck. 

Well done. Get your rest and sleep when you can xx

Well done! It's behind you now and every day will get a bit easier. All the best.

Awe thank you all, I'm feeling much better today and doctor said I can go home if all obs are ok. x

I have been thinking about you. I hope you are taking good care of yourself and that you get home soon xx


I'm a little bit behind you but on the same journey. I notice that you're still wating for your oncologist appointment. I am 3 weeks post op with lymph node involvement. 


I'm just waiting on my partner finishing his work so he can come pick me up to go home. have got 2 bags full of stuff! Medication, catheter bags, fragmin injections which I've to do myself!

You're doing so well Debz33, so well! 

Now rest. My husband gave me the fragmin, I was such a drama queen with him! I love being home -3 weeks post op and i'm doing ok. I still need a catheter, my bladder isn't playing yet but it will! 

Lots of love x 

Awe Hun hopefully you get it out soon, ive to go back next Friday to have mine taken out so hopefully my bladder wants 2 work, it has been a very traumatic time for it!


Great news Deb! Now it's behind you, & you can rest up! Injections aren't so bad, I'm going ok with them coming unit my 3rd week. I've have a week of more tests to make sure there's no hole in my bladder! After Ct scan and another test to inject dye into my bladder, I'm all clear, just enormous amount of lymphatic fluid leaking.. can't wait til it slows down so I don't feel like I'm peeing myself every five minutes! My pathology report confirmed no lymph involvement but they are still recommending radiation treatment. But I'm happy the sugery is over and the pain has eased quite quickly.. won't be long before you start feeling more normal again xxx

Hi kriss, glad to hear your bladder is all good, I've been a bit upset today and the pain seemed a bit worse. 

HiI Debz,

sorry to hear about your pain. This can sometimes happen if you do too much too soon, or not keeping on top of your pain medS. Please keep on top of the meda, even if you think you don't need them, at least for the first 2 weeks. 

Hope tomorrow is A better day xxxx

Thank you Deb,

i hope you feeling a bit better now? I have so many ups and downs, feeling confident one moment and then in absolute fear the next. Now I'm worried about lymphodema  I have so much leakage and heave pulling pain in my inner left thigh. Have been leaking heavily for over a week and it's not easing but getting worse with every movement. 

We will get through this ! Much love and hugs xxxx

Well today wasn't better, woke up really unwell, sweating, cold, clammy, and my stupid catheter bag wasn't filling up!  called the hospital and they said to pop in. I got the catheter changed and it turns out I have a urine infection so I've got anti biotics for that aswell! I've beeN I agony with a full bladder all day! They have done blood tests to see if I need intravenous antibiotics and said they would call later with results! but I've realised they didn't ask my phone number before I left. 

Also don't know if it's tmi sorry but I had a bit of diarrhea earlier and it was green?. Any one had this?

Sorry to hear you're having a bad time Hun. I would phone the ward and tell them about your symptoms Hun. my ward was open 24hrs but i would deffo phone.  Hope you feel better soon.

Debz, such a shame that you've ended up with a bladder infection, really not what you need right now! I also had a bout of greenish diarrhoea, and lots of gut pain about 11 days post op, ended up going to A+E to get checked out, they gave me some antibiotics and a CT scan to make sure I didn't have a collection in my abdomen. The diarrhoea and pain settled down in a couple of days, so they thought maybe just a bit of a gut infection that caught me out because my immunity was a bit down from having the surgery?