Hysterectomy After Chemotherapy

Hi there,

I finished my treatment of 6 weeks of chemo, 29 external radio and 6 internal radio at the end of July. Went for my PET scan yesterday and got a call today to meet with a surgical oncologist. My question is: Has anyone had a hysterectomy after treatment??? From what I have been reading they normally do not do it in that order because of how frail all of your tissue is due to radio and comes with high risk and very slow recovery rate. Anyone with any info that could help would be much appreciated.

Hi CClay,

Did they suggest to you that they might do a hysterectomy or are you just second guessing?. There have been a few that have had that done post RT. However if (and I mean if...it could be good news yet)  there is any significant tumour it is more likely that you would be offered total pelvic exenteration because of the radiotherapy damage that you describe. Wait and see what they say though as it varies depending on what they see. They may suggest EUA first to explore options.

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HI Cclay

I have had this discussed with me post treatment for suspected residual disease and indeed EAU was mentioned as the first step post scans as they can give false readings due to scar Tissue/Radiation damage. I  had repeat scans to check and compare the area of concern (for growth/changes I suspect) so agree with Karen it could still all be good news yet.

Hysterectomy was mentioned to me as was Pelvic exenteration and more than happy to share my experiences with you once you know what your dealing with. The wait is very stressful and I really sympathise with that but hopefully surgery will not be required for you x


Thank you all for your replies. I have a large calcified uterine fibroid and some new ones as well (i had a fibroid embolization in 2016). It was mentioned that hysterectomy might be an option after treatment because fibroid could get in the way of doing a proper pap in the future ( i think it is pushing my cervix off to one side). I guess im just nervous that the call came in so soon after my PET scan...my mind went to how there must be more women in need of surgery than myself if it is just all about the fibroid and then thinking about how getting a hysterectomy so soon after treatment doesnt make sense as tissues hav not healed yet...so then my mind goes to how it could be something more sinister. My gut tells me its not good news but i wont know anything else until Friday. 

I’m three years out of recovery and am in limbo about a possible hysterectomy. Mine is due to abnormal thickening of the uterus due to my HRT. I actually have a follow up on that tomorrow. 

HI Cclay, I had a trachelectomy, chemo and pelvic radiotherapy 12 years ago. Now facing another surgery for a growing fibroid (either a myomectomy or a hysterectomy). I am really struggling to make a decision largely due to the fact that I  am worried possible scarring/adhesions making the surgery more complex as well as tissue healing/ recovery. I have not been able to get a clear cut answer for the latter. Part of me just wants to leave that part of my body alone but another part is telling me to 'just get it out'. Its all very psychological. If any of you have been able to get some assurance regarding surgery post pelvic radiotherapy, I would be really keen to hear this.  


Might be worth talking to lilypingu who is having hysterectomy in January.

Karen x