Hysterectomy AFTER chemoradiation - anyone.

Hi everyone wondering if anyone has experience of surgery after chemoradiation?
Just had 6mth check and told treatment (25 rad, 5 chemo, 3 brachytherapy) for cc2b adenocarcinoma has not been 100% successful. PET scan still shows some uptake.
So I’m now being referred to gynae surgical team for probable hysterectomy ( after another eua).
I know this isn’t the “normal” course of action and just looking to see if there any others out there that may have experienced similar.

Thanks for reading


i also was stage 2.  After chemo and radio mri showed abnormalities.  Then had a pet scan still unclear.  Choose a hysterectomy. Luckily it was only scar tissue.  The scans can not always tell.

Recovery was long, but i still believe I made the right choice.

Now on 6 monthly checks.

From previous experience the waiting for results was the worse.



I was told that my treatment would prob be rad hyst especially since I have had my family but when treatment plan was given the docs said that they had opted against this as didnt want me to suffer from the side efeects of op then possibly chemo/radio aswell. 

I was talking to another patient who is having same treatment as myself and she has told me that her gyno told her that they may opt for hystorectomy if present treatment not 100% success.....I'm now thinkinging that hosp maybe trying different approach.

Sorry not much help but just to let you know that you're not an isolated case.

Take care x

Dear MME, thank you for your fast answer regarding periods issue, it helped me to stop worring it's always s.g wrong about me and my treatmen plan. I'm mostly worried because I'm not in UK and here doctors seem to have different protocol. I was so hopeful to have your treatment plan, but today it became clear I'm having radion NO CISPLATIN, then MRI to confurm stage and brachy if needed??? Then OPERATION!!!  I cried and begged but the professor explained it's the way it has to be done. I'm lucky for not having lymph nodes involved as per PET reading, yet I'm just going CRAZY they don't give me a chance to fight the right way and shrink the tumor!! It's UNBELIEVABLE yet I can't do anything about it... I can't administer chemo myself. Sorry for rambling, I just needed to vent it out of my head, which is spinning around. I'M SO FRUSTRATED! I'm stage 3, may be 4, 4-5 cm tumor with 9mm bladder involvement. I'm having EUA next week to investigate why I have s.g like urine leaking from my vagina. How  is everything with you, do you have an operation date already?