Hysterectomy after chemo/rads??

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just wanted to ask a quick question for any ladies that had to have chemo/rads and not a hysterectomy. When you were finished were any of you offered a hysterectomy?? I have just had my first post treatment scan and was given the all clear. I am scared that it will reoccur and feel like I want everything 'out'. I'm in menopause so feel like it is of no use to me anymore so it may as well be gone!!


i have my next check up in September and am hoping to raise this issue then. Any advice??


thanks xx

Hi there from what I've read and discussed with my doctor, there is no benefit to having a radical hysterectomy after chemo radiation. It's very difficult to perform the surgery with all the scar tissue created from both chemo and the radiation. The internal radiation brachytherapy has been shown to have much better effects in reducing reoccurrence. I in the end had a radical hysterectomy instead of chemo radiation and I totally get where you are at because I was so pleased it was "out". As weird as it sounds you don't necessarily need a cervix for it to rear it's ugly head again, I have none but reoccurrence could still happen within the pelvis. 

Dont see the harm in asking tho :) Hope this makes sense :/ 


Just because you have everything 'out' it doesn't stop the worry of recurrence let me assure you! It's just a different place it will come back. I'm not sure but I think hysterectomy after rad is very difficult due to the damage the rads do. I can understand your feelings but a radical hysterectomy has it's own risks/after effects. 

The post Cancer / recurrence worry period is so hard. But we're stuck with it!!

good luck! X

Hi Becky,

I agree completely with both Charlene and Julia above but would just like to add that had I been treated in UK it seems I would not have had a hysterectomy first, but just gone straght for chemo-rads. I would have been so much happier without a belly that looks like an arse.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks for all your advice. I know that my consultant did say that hysterectomy after rads isn’t ideal because of scarring and I know even with it out it can still reoccur. Think I just latched onto the idea as a way to take back some control!! X

Totally understand that not having control is so difficult!! 


Tivoli hahaha hahaha that was awesome. Mine was done across the way which is very unusual so mine looks like a big cheesy smile instead of an arse lol.


Charlene xx

My Doctor explained the radiotherapy literally fries away your organs! So it's kind of like having a chemical hysterectomy anyway but better as chemo is a whole body treatment and the radiotherapy much better at getting to places surgery won't so the idea is it really catches any micro mets critters hanging around ready to sting you with a recurrence. If they went in surgically there would be nothing to remove anyway! Love and strength xxxx

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I didn't even know they were ever vertical until my dressings came off after about a week. The tears!

Thanks for that explanation. Hannah!