Surgery after Chemo/Rad

In Dec I was diagnosed as CC stage 2B, and have since been treated with 28 external radiation, 5 Chemo, and 2 Brachy treatments.  I was originally scheduled for 3 brachy treatments, but the MRI & CT scans carried out during the first 2 brachy treatments showed no tumor mass or signs of the original tumor and so the 3rd treatment was cancelled by the oncologist.  My oncologist has been in contact with the G. Consultant and he has confirmed that there will be surgery.  This was over two weeks ago,and I haven't heard from the G Consultant to explain the surgery that they are considering.

Has anyone else had surgery after the Chemo / Rad treatment, and if so what were your experiences and surgery type ?

Thanks for your replies

Hi Tracey's. I'd give the specialist nurse or even your consultant a call and say you'd like to have a meeting so they can bring you up to date. My impression is that the treatment carries on working for a few weeks after the delivery has stopped so you may have to wait a while. My treatment finishes next week but I have to wait 8 weeks before they scan me and tell me where I am up to. The hospital are used to patients phoning up for clarification or to be reassured.

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I have an appointment on monday with the oncologist so will see what she has to say.

Like you , my scan is 8 weeks after the end of my treatment and is towards the end of April and I have the same understanding as you with regards to timescales and the treatment still working etc....

Hope your treatment is going ok



I had my 4 week check with the oncologist and the last MRI (during the brachy treatment) showed that the tumour mass had gone.  She did a physical exam and all is looking good and she also confirmed that the surgery will be a basic hysterectomy - just incase there are any 'rogue' cells not showing up on the scan, she described it as a 'belt and braces approach !!' .  I have my 8 week scan booked and surgery is set for mid May, so now its a case of relaxing and having some fun xxx

Brilliant....enjoy x

Thats great news.Enjoy yourself.

Becky x

Thanks guys....