Hysterectomy after chemo rad & brachy?

Hi ladies, 

I had the full course in 2016 but has since suffered from terrible pain & bowel & bladder issues. I've also just been diagnosed with Chrohns. My question is - has anyone had a hysterectomy after treatment. I'm in remission. But keep having bleeding in the uterus. This is pooling as it has nowhere to go. Cervix no longer exists & womb neck sealed completely. I've been hospitalised several times & just back after a 10 day stay. The docs said they could surgically drain it but that doesn't explain why it's happening. Would u press for a hysterectomy instead? I know it's a big op n recovery time but the pain has become intolerable & each time I get discharged with more n more morphine. Sorry for the rant. I'm just in so much pain, suffering from depression & have little quality of life. My poor 4 yr old daughter want a to look after me - she's a child who should be having fun. Not being responsible for s 39 year old woman. I'm under the care of the Pelvic Radiation Team Late Effects clinicians - they're fabulous. Can give any or Scottish followed details if u wish to be assessed for referral. Kindest Regards to every one facing their own battle. We're a complex unique bunch lol x



I am really sorry to hear of your horrendous issues. Please don't despair.

That kind of surgery is very difficult once you have had radiation because all of the organs have fused together. That's the reason why it is a total pelvic exenteration that is offered if the cancer comes back.

There is one lady here who had terrible radiation symptoms and had the exenteration to relieve her problems rather than for recurrence. Her name is Bexter and it may be worth messaging her.

The operation is pretty horrendous and you end up with a colostomy and urostomy. However I do think it would dramatically improve your quality of life particularly if you also have Chrohns. It may be worth finding out its possibilities.

I didn't understand the end of your message. Are you saying you are in Scotland? 

Karen x