Hysterectomy after radiation

Hi everyone. Just had an appointment with my oncologist and gynaecologist. My onco doctor is still hopeful that i might have a complete response at my 6 month MRI but the gynae isnt (after feeling my cervix). At my 3 month MRI lasy week i had 1cm residual. So the next step in 3 months would be a radical hysterectomy. Does anyone here have experience of a hysterectomy after radiation? The gynae gave a very long list of potential risks and now im absolutely petrified :frowning: Thanks all xx

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Hi. I did try this-when my residual cancer was just under 1cm, but I was a year out of chemorads. It didn’t work due to radiation damage, so I was stapled up without the op going ahead.

You may find others respond for whom this worked but it unfortunately wasn’t successful for me. Hopefully you might have a better experience. x

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@Lilypingu Long time no speak hun. Hope you’re well xx

Hey @OldRed

Doing fine thanks. How about you? x


All good, glad you’re doing well☺️ x

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Thanks so much for getting back to me, i really appreciate it. Did you end up having exenteration? I hope youre doing ok. Xx

Hi. Yes, I had a total pelvic exenteration in March 2020, 9 weeks after the hysterectomy attempt. x

Thank you so much for sharing with me. I really do appreciate it. Im sorry youve had to go through all of this but im happy that youre still here to tell the tale 3 years later. You’ve given me a bit of strength today, thank you. X

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No worries-happy to help if I can. To be honest, if I had my time again I wouldn’t have attempted the salvage hysterectomy because it meant I wasn’t in as good a position as I could have been for the exenteration and my cancer spread very rapidly in the period between the 2 ops. It went from under 1cm to 5cm and spread over my womb and bladder.

However, I consider myself very lucky to have had the chance of the exenteration and following on from my recovery I have had no further issues. Even in recovery I had no issues as such and no hospital admissions or problems with my stomas etc. it was a long recovery, but so worth it for the life I have now. It’s life changing but life saving!

Some ladies have gone through the hysterectomy after rads and like me have ended up with an exenteration, but for others it appears to have been successful. But maybe you won’t find yourself in this position when you have your next scan and all will be well. If you ever want to message me privately, feel free. xx

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