Hysterectomy after 2nd lletz

Hi all.

I’ve had results of my 2nd lletz and ultrasound today. So still cin 3 with unclear margins!! Ultrasound shows adenomyosis. Was discussed at mdt and the decision is to for me to have a hysterectomy due to the cells and adenomyosis.
Has anyone had this? Wondering if it will be a long wait with there still being cells there?

Hi JemJewel, from reading posts on here it looks like most people have their hysterectomy within a couple of months. I would imagine you will get your appointment before the end of the year? Of course there are different levels of ‘priority’ so possibly you will get taken sooner. Maybe you already have a date at this stage? Take care x

I’ve got an appointment on 27th of this month to sign forms and get booked in for surgery now. Still no womb biopsy results I guess they’ll discuss these then too xx

I’m so glad you are seeing some progress and hopefully you will get all the answers you need at your next consultation. Let us know how you get on x

So I’m booked in for 17th November. They are leaving my ovaries in. Hoping to do it keyhole and get me home asap. They said it’s extensive cell changes to cervix and that it’d be difficult to guarantee that they got it all with another lletz. That the cells are deeper in the cervix and in the crypts? It’ll all be sent off for testing and Have a follow up in colposcopy for smear in 6month to check hpv status and if still there then back again in 6 months until it’s hpv clear

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Hi JemJewel, glad to hear that you got your date for surgery and it all sounds hopeful. Great to be offered keyhole with the quicker recovery and also really good to keep ovaries to avoid early menopause. Hopefully you can put this all behind you once you have had the surgery, and fingers crossed that the virus becomes dormant soon. How are you feeling about the surgery? There are lots of threads on here regarding hysterectomy. X