HPV positive in January, high risk severe dyskariosus in August

Hi, this is the first time I have posted. I am 51 and have had regular smears. In January it came back as HPV positive, repeat smear in August showed high risk severe dyskariosus. My letter arrived 16 days ago and the hospital contacted me on the same day to book my colposcopy appointment 6 days later, Wednesday 6th October. I had LLETZ at the appointment and was told it looked as though it had gone higher. The colposcopist told me she would ring me as soon as she got the results. She said she thought I would either need a repeat LLETZ or a consultant appointment re hysterectomy .Is this normal to say they will ring me with results ? Do you think this means she thinks it is cancer ? I am so stressed, not sleeping and constantly checking my phone .

Hello. I believe what they mean by higher up is that your endocervical canal is affected like mine was and you may need more treatment. It doesn’t necessarily mean is cancer mine was not it was all Cin3 and glandular changes but no cancer. Hysterectomy is just the more radical solution as it will just get rid of the chances of getting cancer in the long term but they may offer you a more conservative treatment first you may even be able to say what you preferred option is . Take care and good luck stay positive

Thank you . I had a CT scan earlier in the year and it showed a bulky womb and cervix , recent ultrasound (2 days after Lletz) showed no fibroid but bulky. My mind is all over the place . How quickly did you get your results ? Did you get them via post or phone ?

Hello I had my results 5 days after Lletz over the phone but I went private so maybe different for you .They confirmed endocervical involvement .that she was not sure she managed to remove because the margins were not clear. I never had any ultrasound.
But on my 3 months check it was all OK that means that probably the Lletz worked, she did say she remove more than expected at first. Now waiting for my 6 months check in 1 month and see what happens. But they already offered me hysterectomy or 2 Lletz if results come back bad this time.

Thank you x Yeah mine was NHS , she said usually about 4weeks for results but she would ring me as soon as she had my results . The waiting is horrible something I’m sure everyone on here can understand. I honestly think if I was offered a hysterectomy I would have it just so I knew everything was away .

Yes I know what you mean with getting hysterectomy to get it over , but for me after being totally convinced that if something is wrong again I will just have hysterectomy I changed my mind if doctors believe there is a chance 2 lletz may work why not give it a try ?as far as I understand it works for many many women. But I guess it depends on the level of anxiety you can cope with . Take care and good luck let me know how you get on when your results are out

Thank you I will x at the moment I’m thinking what if I have the treatment and there’s just a little bit left by mistake, not sure my stress and anxiety levels will be able to cope, I always overthink things and think the worst . But really, I just need to know what I’m dealing with x

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Hi, I got my results today. It was CIN 3 , she is 99% certain that she got it all out. Just got to wait for a consultant to double check . Then a smear in 6months to check . Thank you so much for listening to me and been there x


So happy for you fantastic news!! You must be so relieved :relieved: Lletz is very effective :ok_hand: brilliant

Very relieved :slightly_smiling_face:, hopefully I will now be able to sleep and not be walking around in a daze all day ! Thank you again x

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