2 lletz procedures so now what?

I really don’t know what to do next. Having had annual smears at my hospital for the last 6-7 years, and had two lletz procedures, the last one in sept 2021, my last smear a couple of weeks ago came back abnormal again with cell changes. I have an appointment with a consultant at the end of may, and I fear he is going to say I have to have a hysterectomy and quite honestly I’m petrified at the thought. Also how this will affect my sex life after, will it be the same? Has anyone else got to this stage and what happened with you?

Hi NickyC, I am in the same position as you can so I share your fear and anxiety. I too have had 2 lletz procedures and have received a letter today to say that the results are severe and the recommendation is to discuss the next step of surgery. Although the letter does not say anything more than this, I can only assume this means hysterectomy and I am left wondering if this also means cancer. How have things progressed for you xx

Hi Skyla, its worrying isnt it. I have apt with my consultant next monday. Tbh i would be ok with being told i need a hysterectomy, i dont want anymore children and it would mean an end to the constant abnormal smears and worrying. Ive read a lot about it and its a very very common op, if they do a vaginal hysterectomy its also a lot less invasive. Just keep reading and learning what you can, and keep positive x

Hi Nickyc, I’m glad to hear you are feeling less worried about it all! Yes, I think if it could ultimately save your life, then it just has to be done doesn’t it. I hope your consultation goes well on Monday…I’ll be here to message if you need to x

@Skyla56 and @Nickyc I am also in a similar situation. 2 lletz since last May. Test of cure still shows hpv and moderate dyscaryosis. Last September I underwent emergency surgery when my cervix ruptured 3 weeks after 2nd lletz. I moved areas and subsequently my new consultant said he wasn’t sure why I was given the 2nd treatment of lletz but the stitching of my cervix means I need GA for a possible 3rd lletz and biopsy. He also mentioned the potential of needing a hysterectomy as he suspects at 43 and the continuation of abnormal smears the Likelihood is that this will be a recurrent situation for me. Sending thoughts as you’re both dealing with something similar. I am thinking of a hysterectomy is advised I will go for it. Children are no longer an option for me so makes it slightly easier.

Hi Emma, sorry to hear you are also going through all this worry! Being a woman is tough. I guess we are all pretty sensible about being in agreement that hysterectomy would be taken up if it was offered. I’m 35 and have a 3 year old. Would ideally love another child, but being here for the 1 I already have is far more important! Xx

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Hey how did you all get on? Ive just got my results from my 6 months smear after 2 lletz treatments and i have HPV and abnormal cells again too. Just wondered what was your outcome?

Hi Nikkinoo
Well I’m like you. I went and saw the consultant and he said basically there was nothing they could do at this stage, I don’t have cancer but by performing a hysterectomy it may well end up that the abnormal cells develop elsewhere, in the womb for example, which makes treatment a lot lot more difficult. So the short of it was that they just have to keep monitoring it each year. They cant do any more lletz (ive had two like you), so we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope this time it might just go away on its own (apparently we’re like the 10% this happens to, typical). best wishes x