Hysterectomy after lletz

Hi ladies I had abnormal smear results back in january had colposcopy and lletz and results showed stage 1a1.had more lletz under ga and had most of cervix removed.results came back all clear.had follow up in may and was called to hospital on friday.results are high grade changes again.a hysterectomy has been planned for september 28th.said she will try to do vaginal hysterectomy but because of scarring of cervix it may not be possible so may have to do abdominal.i am so worried about this.thought I was over it all after clear results.just looking for other ladies who can offer any advice.thankyou xx

Hi woo :-)

What a bummer! Be glad that it's been caught and they are going to fix it for you. I hope they can manage to do the vaginal hysterectomy for you because I'm sure that's nicer than an abdominal one which I had, but either way, not the end of the world. You have loads of time before then to pamper youself and prepare, so enjoy the summer with lots of treats and be happy that at least you won't be having the summer ruined by feeling poorly. Loads and loads of women here have had hysterectomies and there is a wealth of helpful tips and advice lurking around. If you want a full pre-hospital shopping list this is the place to ask :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Woo,

I remember you from when we both had LLETZ, so sorry to hear you have high grade changes again, I really feel for you and wanted to send you a great big hug x x


I recently had a hysterectomy after lletz and am now recovering well. I did a post on tips pre/post op.  My consultant said I had a big womb and wouldn't know until surgery whether it was possible to do keyhole/vaginally but it was fine. I think they like to prepare you for every eventuality. The waiting was the worst part and wish I didn't worry so much so if you can try to distract yourself by doing some fun things. lots of love xxx

Hi thanks all.sorry didnt come back online straight away (joys of kids being on summer hols).trying to keep busy with them to take my mind off things but still so scared.hope everyone is doing ok xx