HPV18 grade 2

Hiya , i’m in a bit of a flap. i’m 51 and had my smear tests results back at HPV 18 positive grade 2. i’m been under private gynaecology for a while with lower right sided pain, which they said was an cyst on my ovary, heavy periods . I was given the mirena coil and HRT. They carried out internal and external US and a pelvic MRI which they now say they can see endometriosis.

anyhow i’ve now got my abnormal smear tests results in september , it does say no cell change and to come back in a year I’ve also got a brown discharge now, when i bear down which i thought was just spotting and have had this on and off since the coil was put in.

However my head is buzzing with questions and worries

Do you think i will be able to clear a grade 2 HPV 18 at my age ?

I’m wondering if i’ve been misdiagnosed and could it be CC and not what they said it was

My friend who is a nurse told me to get a private smear done which i’m booked in for next week.

my anxiety is through the roof.