Smear test accuracy

Hi all, 


I have been struggling for a few years with pelvic pain - ended up horrendous. Had an op to remove suspected endometriosis but there wasn't any. Instead removed a leision from cervix. As part of all my gynae appointments I had a smear which was due and that came back clear. 
3 months on and pelvic pain has started again, pain when weeing and bleeding and in pain after sex. 
I am waiting for my gynae check up which isn't for another month so trying to get an earlier appointment. 
I have had abnormal smears in the past (15 years ago) and had colposcopy. 
My question is...can smears ever be wrong? I'm convinced now that they must have missed something.

Or has anyone else been through anything similar? 

thanks x 

Hi I can't really answer your question, but wanted to say I have the same symptoms as you. For no apparent reason. They have changed the smears recently to test for hpv (which is good) but I am not sure if they automatically check for cell changes now. The impression I got was they test for hpv and if you have it they look deeper to see if you have changes. But my worry is (as I know I have had hpv before and it can be cleared and lay dorment) I don't know if it could have caused changes, then cleared the hvp but the cells still be abnormal. If that makes sense. I don't want to confuse you further. 

I am awaiting my results from latest smear, because I have been having pains again for about 6 months. So will keep you updated. Hope you get sorted.