Abnormal cells

Help, I’m so confused - I got a letter referring me to a colposcopy not really stating anything about my grades of abnormality - it’s just saying it might be because I have abnormal cells - very generic then I’ve not been given an appointment until mid April - I’m freaking out, especially because I’ve had pink discharge for a while now and last time I had sex was quite painful.

Has anyone received a letter without much info?




Sorry I have no advice but didnt want to read and run.  Also going through the same thing at the minute. Abnormal smear and hpv positive. I have been invited to a colposcopy in May.

My letter didn't say much either, it all seemed generic. Though I did get a info booklet through aswell!


Hope your ok xx

Not sure if this helps but I had a cervical smear last week and results said mild abnormality..hpv tested negative and to come back in 5 years...however I have been having heavy bleeding between periods for months pelvic pain back pain and loosing weight and I'm not trying. So I'm worried I did mention all this to them. At time of smear...if I had received your letter I would phone up ask to speak to your Dr and ask them to explain in more detail. My letter was quite long and explained quite a lot. I really hope you get some answers it's horrible waiting. X

Thank you, i called up and they said it was nothing to worry about as it's slightly abnormal. I go in two days time so we'll see, I wouldn't be worried if it wasn't for the spotting and a very dull ache in my back that feels like I'm on my period because I don't usually get heavy cramps. That's making me freak out to be honest. Hope you're ok too. I'm sure it's just routine but I just want this over and done with now xx