So confused - clear smear but HPV+ and ectropean


wondered if if anyone could offer some advice /support.

Had one bleed in December last year, went to docs who refered me to specialist, luckly my work offer Bupa, so decided to take the private route.

Doc said he could see two lessions, but that this was related to ectropean cervix.  Fast forward six months, lots of discharge and burning bladder, uti clear, swabs clear.  Gynocologist asks for smear test.  Having been told results are back, Gyniocologist is away for 3 weeks holiday, so GP gives me results but would not discuss any further as she said I had chosen the private route! 

So, no abnormal cells, no mention of cin, but said I have the wart virus and wouldnt discuss further, just said nothing serious will happen in the next year (yes, I will be changing doctors)

Don't really know know where to turn now, if there are no abnormal cells, does this mean no cancer, but, a higher chance in the future or is there still a chance this could be reallY bad? Surly a specialist consultant would know if there was anything bad going on ,  if he was concerned would he say? I have read on a post ectropean cervix and cancer look similar, so scared now and can't talk to consultant for 3 weeks. 

Any support would be great, feel like I'm loosing it. X







My name is Rachel, I am 30 and saw my GP last week due to bleeding and pain during intercourse and feeling like I am not emptying my bladder properly.

I was asked to do a pregnancy test that was nagative, (I have two children already).  I have regular smears which have all been clear.

I provided a water sample and the doctor took a swab; during this she examined me and told me that she could see abnormal cells and that she would make an urgent referral.

My smear and water sample ahave since come back clear but the referral still stands.  I am really confused?