I’ve had cervical cancer and had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and now in remission my husband just asked me if I had hpv and will he have it and will he pass it back to me

Hi Leanne.

Isnt it funny of the things we think of!

I too have wondered thiS!! I even stopped mid way through intercourse because all of a sudden I had this thought that if he had the HPV would he pass it crack to me!? I have no idea on the answer and I don't want to start researching it either. sorry im not much help but wanted you to know your not alone with this thought XX 

I think we can take it as read that most sexually active adult humans have HPV most of the time. Many strains of HPV are harmless and some are higher risk. I'd recommend forgetting all about it as worrying serves no purpose.

Be lucky :-)



Hi leanne

i think all of us have wondered this. I personally have read so much material on this. Both from the internet and from a medical library. I have also asked different dr's as well as. Some biologist friends of mine. Without going into too much detail I will give you my opinion From all the things I have read and heard. 

there is so much conflicting opinions and different studies that end up being inconclusive about HPV that I really do not think that they trully know the different effects of all the different strains.

As for the strains that seem to be associated with cc again they cannot even say for certain if it stays on our bodies after we clear it or how long it can stay dormant for. I honestly don't think they know much at all. It they do know it is some how related to cc and again they are some dr who don't even believe that HPV is the cause. 

So from what I concluded is this.... I do not believe that it can ping pong back and forth between a couple. If you have it you have it. What causes it to cause changes is when our immune system is effected or when our hormones are drastically changing from what is our personal norm. I also believe that if you have had radiation to the pelvis the odds of cancer cells living are very slim that is why the treatment cure rate is so high. With that being said for HPV to flare up and again start to change cells again in this area are even slimmer. 

I agree with the previous posts about not worrying about this. Try to keep a healthy immune system and live normal stress free life. Enjoy each other. HPV alone did not cause your cancer alone as most people clear it. Focus on being healthy and happy.